31 Vintage Gifts for Retro Lovers

Vintage gifts carry with them a sense of nostalgia, history and a whole lot of fun! But it is not always possible to get real vintage pieces and even those items may be too expensive at times. This doesn’t mean vintage items have to be out of one’s reach. The following are some easy vintage or vintage-like gift ideas for you to consider!

1. Ram-Pro 12 oz Aluminum Can Crusher & Bottle Opener

This heavy-duty metal can crusher and bottle opener will transport you right back to old school stores where one could enjoy a cold can of cola on a hot summer day. This is a gift that will immediately trigger memories of simpler times and one’s childhood! One can install it by their fridge for a gentle throwback.

2. Jewelkeeper Paperboard Suitcases, Set of 3

These old-style suitcases will make one feel like a fashionable secretary in a 1960s Hollywood movie. There are three pieces in this set adorned with a bright map of the world. The handles are done in elegant leather. This is a great present for someone who loves a good vintage vibe!

3. Cacukap Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Motorcycle, beer and vintage aesthetics, what’s not to love! This bottle opener is a great present not only for someone who loves vintage pieces but also for someone who loves a cold pint of beer. Surely, that is not a difficult intersection to find! Even if one does not end up using it, it looks great on a showcase or displayed on the wall.

4. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

The pop of color this retro Bluetooth speaker will add to the room is only rivaled by the amazing ambiance you can set by playing the music of your choice! It looks like an old-school transistor, but you can play modern hits through modern technology with this device!

5. Antiqued Brass Poem Compass with Leather Case

This antiqued brass poem compass comes in a beautiful leather case. Each element of this present screams sophisticated and elegant. It is also infused with a sense of mystery and adventure, for a vintage lover who loves to go on explorations. For instance, if you know someone who loves Captain Haddock from the Tintin series, this is the perfect present for them!

6. Tiffany Style Torchiere Standing Peacock Floor Lamp

This standing Peacock floor lamp is one of the most elegant and sophisticated presents you can get for a vintage lover. The lines on the lampshade are reminiscent of art deco structures from the 1920s and 30s. It will make any room it is placed in look all the more beautiful. A great gift idea!

7. 50th Birthday Gifts for Men 1971

A great birthday present for someone who has just made it to the golden jubilee of their lives! This 16 oz beer pint glass provides just the kind of vintage and retro vibe one may be looking for, even if the piece itself is not actually vintage. It has a smooth false bottom finish and the font on the glass is what one would see on retro signages.

8. Vintage Style Metal Libra Jewelry Display Tray

This vintage-style metal libra jewelry display tray is a great way to organize one’s jewelry while also feeling like a regal queen. The very sight of this tray can transport one back to the old days. The jaded effect of the bronze provides a charming vintage vibe that adds warmth to any dresser!

9. Aimik Sewing Music Box, Vintage Music Box

This vintage music box is a great present and also makes for a fun table decor to display in one’s living room. There was a time when music boxes were a common gift item. But to present one of these in today’s day and age is a vintage idea in itself! The fact that this music box is shaped like a cute and extremely detailed sewing machine is a bonus!

10. Personalized Purple Glass Box

This stunning and elegant glass vanity box will make anyone feel like they live in a palace! Even when there are no jewels placed inside, the box itself is an ornament! When the light falls on it in the right way, it creates a beautifully tinted reflection. A truly beautiful vintage present! It can instantly make one feel like royalty in possession of a vintage heirloom.

11. Handmade Authentic Clock Compass in Rosewood Box

This handmade clock compass set in a beautiful rosewood box is a great vintage gift idea. The box itself has an ornamental beauty and when you open it, the charming clock compass will take your breath away! You can also wind the clock in the old school way, with the tiny metal knob on the side.

12. Royal Tin Sign Boxer Boxing Champion

This vintage metal sign of an iconic match between heavyweights Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier adds a pop of color as well as nostalgia into any room. This is a colorful advertisement from the second fight between Ali and Frazier held in 1974 at Madison Square Garden! Talk about a piece of history!

13. Vintage 1971 Printed 10.25 oz Whiskey Glass

Like the custom beer pint glass described above, this whiskey glass is a great present for a 50th birthday. The vintage 1971 inscription has the charm of memorabilia from yesteryears, even if it is a present for someone who has just turned 50!

14. Ford 1965 Mustang Vintage Desk Thermometer Sound Clock

This 1965 Ford Mustang vintage dashboard clock is a great present not only for a vintage lover but also a Mustang lover! This present is also extremely useful, as it acts not only as a clock, but also as a thermometer and tells you the humidity level in the room. You can place it on your car’s dashboard or keep it on your work desk. It is an extremely versatile present.

15. Bellaa Camera Pen/Pencil Holder Desk Organizer

This pencil holder is shaped like a vintage film camera, an excellent item to display on a bookshelf. One can even leave it empty and display it as a decorative piece, but having the pencil holder option is an added benefit.

16. Vintage Science Fiction Horror Movie Poster Invasion of The Saucer-Men

This vintage science-fiction horror movie poster is a great vintage present for a film buff. The poster is from the 1957 Hollywood flick, Invasion of the Saucer-Men. While the film was black and white, this funky color poster is an exciting glimpse into the world of vintage horror! A great way to add some style and fun to a room, allowing one to display their love for vintage.

17. ASCETIC – Vintage Leather Journal Made of Antique Deck Ledge Paper

This vintage leather journal is made of antique deck ledge paper, perfect for aspiring poets or just a vintage lover who takes journaling seriously. Even unused, it looks great on any desk! You can even leave a small inscription on the first page.

18. Antique Intaglio Greek Angel, Silver Pendant

This antique intaglio Greek angel pendant is a beautiful gift for someone who loves vintage jewelry. The pendant is an elegant piece of jewelry that one can even wear on a daily basis as a statement piece.

19. Adventure Nautical Pocket Compass Gift

This nautical pocket compass gift is a great way to infuse a sense of adventure into any present. The recipient of this beautiful vintage compass can feel like they are a character in one of Tintin’s many adventures, even when they are sitting in the city working an office job! The compass by itself is a charming present, but it also comes in a beautiful leather casing.

20. Vintage Doctor Prescriptions

It may seem weird to give someone a doctor’s prescription, but for a history lover, even a strange document like this can be a great present. Besides, if the recipient happens to be a doctor or nurse, this can be a very thoughtful present.

21. Elegant Green and Gold Ring Box

This beautiful and elegant ring box can make one feel like they are in an episode of The Crown! It has a beautiful emerald green padding on the inside and gold details on the body of the box. This is an ideal ring box for if you are thinking of heirloom presents!

22. Antique World Map, Gift for Historian or History Buff

A lover of history and travel will certainly enjoy this beautiful reproduction of an old world map. Sure, this map won’t make sense to anyone living in 2021, but it is not a map that is meant to be used for voyages. It is simply a map to study and admire the art of cartography.

23. Vintage-Inspired Gift Tags with Antique Postcards

These beautiful vintage-inspired gift tags are adorable handwritten antique postcards. You can get someone a pack and even inscribe your own special messages onto the postcards!

24. Cherished Children Digital Kit, Digital Antique Postcards

These digital reproductions of antique postcards are an exciting present for someone who loves vintage collectibles and visual culture. This is a great present for someone who likes scrap journaling or simply enjoys going through old postcards to read languages of another time.

25. Antique Intaglio Pegasus, Silver Pendant

Another beautiful antique intaglio pendant, this is a great gift for someone who appreciates delicate jewels. The carved glass motif of a Greek pegasus will also strike a chord with someone who loves Greek mythology.

26. Leather Duffel Bag Shoe Compartment, Full-Grain Leather Weekender

This leather overnight bag looks like a sturdy vintage hand-me-down that may have been in the family for ages, even if it is something you bought last week. The full-grain leather has a beautiful finish and what’s more, this bag is also extremely spacious!

27. Decorative Paper – Craft Paper: Antique Maps

It may seem strange to give someone gift wrapping paper, but anyone who appreciates good craft paper and also has a love of vintage collectibles will certainly enjoy these sheets. Besides, one does not need to use them as wrapping paper. These sheets are so beautiful, they can even be framed for display!

28. Typewriter Ornament, Antique Writer Gift, Hostess Gift

This beautiful and adorable typewriter ornament can be a charming Christmas present or just a simple token of appreciation for someone who loves vintage typewriters! The ornament may also be used as a bookmark.

29. Deluxe Burgundy Ring Box

Another beautiful ring holder, it has a rich burgundy exterior and intricate gold accents with a brass closure. It can be the perfect ring box for someone to keep their engagement ring or simply for keeping small pieces of jewelry safely.

30. Antique Labels and Snippets Digital Paper Kit for Junk Journaling

These antique labels and snippets are the ideal presents for someone who loves junk journaling or simply adorning surfaces with vintage stickers. These labels have vintage fonts, some may be old advertisements, while some have cool graphics. A great and exciting present for a retro lover!

31. Custom Vintage Map Print

This is an incredible gift idea for someone who loves their city! You simply have to provide specifications of the region and whether you want the map to be aligned vertically or horizontally. And voila, you will be holding a customized map of a city of your choice.

Wrapping Up

All the gift ideas that have been described above are either vintage themselves or vintage inspired. But the one thing that is common to them all is that they infuse feelings of nostalgia and a feel-good enthusiasm for the good old days!