Unhinged In The Haunted Basement

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Descend into the nightmarish depths of The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement and explore the terrifying world of Unhinged. An annual tradition 8 years running, The Haunted Basement is bigger and better than ever with 2014’s Unhinged production. The creative team at The Soap Factory has outdone themselves, creating an all-new, terrifying experience for visitors.

Unhinged uses a brand new immersive structure leaving patrons no safety net. Don’t worry, there is still a safe-word, so practice saying “Uncle” now. Each patron wears a mask and assembles into a group before plunging into the nightmarish, subterranean world of Unhinged. Every patron forges their own path, sealing their fate at each twist and turn. All bets are off during Unhinged. Stand your ground? Stay with your friends? Venture on through the darkness? This terrifying journey promises to keep you on the edge of crying “Uncle” all night long.

The twisted geniuses behind Unhinged are led by Director Noah Bremer. A founder and current Artistic Director of the theater company Live Action Set, Bremer brings his experience of immersive, physical theater and the collaborative devising methods of Live Action Set to The Haunted Basement in a new way with Unhinged. Live Action Set have been creating theater that pushes boundaries in the Twin Cities for more than 10 years.

The Nasal Rangers from the St. Croix Sensory are back with an incredible olfactory landscape to enrich and horrify visitors. New to the Haunted Basement team is Sound Designer Michael Croswell, who builds tension and drives the action with his nightmarish Unhinged soundtrack. Also new in 2014 is Assistant Director Tyler Olsen and his team from Rawredmeat Productions. Olsen and Rawredmeat specialize in live blood effects, bringing the bloody carnage to life in Unhinged. Set Designer Erica Zaffarano and her team of multimedia artists transform The Soap Factory’s raw factory basement into a sprawling, surreal environment that envelops every visitor.

Did all that screaming make you parched? Nightly’s during Unhinged, visitors can grab a drink to steady their nerves in the Exile Lounge. With a haunted cocktail lineup from Johnny Michaels, moody live music, and fun activities the Exile Lounge is the perfect way to start or wrap up your Unhinged evening.

Can’t muster the courage to descend into The Haunted Basement? Join us October 19th and 26th for ‘Fraidy Cat tours. These lights-on, no-scares tours of The Haunted Basement are part artist talk, part behind-the-scenes tour and an incredible opportunity to see all of the artistry behind 2014’s Unhinged. ‘Fraidy Cat tours on 10/19 and 10/26 from 11am – 1pm, tickets $10 at the door. We recommend coming between 11:30 – 12:30, because the 11:00 tours fill up fast!

Pro tips:

Each patron must wear a light-weight plastic mask for the duration of their experience. We strongly suggest patrons wear contact lenses instead of glasses.
Patrons are encouraged to arrive 20 minutes prior to their ticket time to check in, enjoy a drink in the Exile Lounge and steady their nerves.
Download & sign the waiver before you come and save a little time!
For your own safety and comfort, you must have appropriate clothing to navigate through challenging and messy environments: you must wear close-toed shoes. Sandals, heels or backless shoes will not be allowed in The Haunted Basement. Inappropriate clothing will result in denial of entry.


Want to join our team? Volunteers help bring The Haunted Basement to life each year including help with ticketing, as actors, special effects makeup and blood effects, decorating sets and helping with props. Be a part of this incredible team! You’ll never find a more welcoming, creative, weird and wonderful team.

Discover Membership

Each ticket purchased to this year’s Unhinged in the Haunted Basement comes with a complimentary Soap Factory Discover Membership. With this membership, you can enjoy $5 off a future Soap Factory event beginning November 2nd, 2014.


No admittance if you are under 18. IDs will be checked at the door.
No admittance to intoxicated individuals, or individuals seemingly under the influence of illegal substances.
Patrons may not cause damage or harm to any sets, props, costumes or performers. Aggressive or careless behavior will result in immediate ejection.
For your own safety and comfort, you must have appropriate clothing to navigate through challenging and messy environments: you must wear close-toed shoes. Sandals, heels or backless shoes will not be allowed in The Haunted Basement. Inappropriate clothing will result in denial of entry.
All bags, purses, coats, backpacks and loose items will be checked at the door.
Patrons agree to the use of documentation including photography, audio and video recording and authorize the release of any documentation for publication. Purchase of this ticket includes the understanding and authorization that the patron may be included in any documentation that The Soap Factory has authorized for this project. This includes any photography, audio, or video recording for publication.
No cell phones, cameras, flashlights or other illumination devices may be used during the performance. Any use of these devices during the performance will result in immediate ejection.
Each patron must present a valid ticket at the door, valid only for the show time and date on their ticket. No late entry. No re-entry. No ticket rescheduling. No refunds.
The Soap Factory determines patron compliance and reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any patron at our discretion as well as the right to insist a patron leave the premises.
I understand that there are risks and dangers in participating in The Soap Factory’s Unhinged in The Haunted Basement including, but not limited to: risk of personal injury and damage to clothing or possessions resulting from walking through a basement in darkness, uneven walking surfaces, strobe lights, strong smells, loud noises and PTSD triggers, concentrated fog/smoke, physical contact, projectile liquids, dust, dirt, allergens including peanut butter, latex, detergents, as well as disturbing and adult content.

Frequently Asked Questions
Parking: The Soap Factory has limited free parking. Additional free and metered street parking is available in the neighborhood. We suggest giving yourself a few minutes to find a spot.
Clothing: You’re going into an adventurous, bloody, immersive, haunted factory. Please dress smart. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. And don’t bring anything you wouldn’t mind getting a little messy…
Masks: Each patron must wear a light-weight plastic mask for the duration of their experience. Masks are provided. Take a look at the photo slideshow above to see the style of masks. We strongly suggest patrons wear contact lenses instead of glasses.
Say “Uncle”: Practice saying “Uncle” in case you get too scared and need to escape from The Haunted Basement. At any point during your experience, saying “Uncle” is your ticket back to the safety of the first floor lounge to grab a drink and wait for your brave friends.
Group Tickets: Each ticket is good for one person’s admission at their scheduled time. Large groups may attend The Haunted Basement if they have purchased tickets for the same the same date and time. However, we can’t guarantee you’ll stick together once you’ve descended into the depths…
Exile Lounge: Come early to grab a drink upstairs before descending in to the basement. The Exile Lounge will be serving beer, wine along with non-alcoholic options. We accept both cash and credit cards.
Don’t Have a Printer?: No problem! We have printed waivers on hand. And you can display your ticket on your smartphone or look up your ticket information via will call. Don’t forget your ID!
Photo ID?: A valid photo ID is required for everyone attending Unhinged in The Haunted Basement.

Is The Haunted Basement ADA accessible?: Yes, The Haunted Basement is ADA accessible. If you have any questions let us know: hauntedbasement@soapfactory.org

Your Unhinged Team:

Director, Noah Bremer; Assistant Director, Tyler Olsen; Effects by Rawredmeat Productions; Production Manager, Laura D. Thaisen; Technical Director, Søren Olsen; Set Designer, Erica Zaffarano; Lead Carpenter & Mask Designer, Jon Bradley; Dave Penn, Lead Carpenter; Brad Silvernale, Lead Carpenter; Mark Leski, Lead Carpenter; Theresa Akers; Sound Designer, Michael Croswell; Costume Designer, Mandi Johnson; Makeup Designer, Kristen Leigh; Assistant Set Designer, Donna Meyer; Stage Manager, William Harmon; Makeup Assistant, Craig Kossen; Set Decorator, Sarah Stone; Lighting Designer, Ian Knodel; Lighting Designer, Tony Biele; Blood Assistant, Theresa Purcell; House and Lounge Manager, Shelby Thomason; House and Lounge Manager, Amy Nelson; Properties Manager, Abbee Warmboe; Assistant Stage Manager, Anna Johnson; Creative Consultant, Joanna Harmon; Set Design Consultant and Lead Carpenter, Jason Quick; Olfactory Design, Chuck and Mike McGinley and the Nasal Rangers at The St. Croix Sensory; 2014 Haunted Basement poster design by Erica Williams, Print design and branding by The MVA Studio

Special Thanks to Theresa Akers, Alpha Plastics, Steve Ashley, Tom Benbow, Bedlam Theatre, Jon Bradley, Bill Cameron, Seth Dahlseid, Dangerous Productions, Alice Dodge, Sarah Fiedler, Frank Theatre, Mark Leski, Johnny Michaels, Trevor Muller-Hegel, Dan Norman, Margot Olsen, David Penn, Sam Pitmon, Brad Silvernale, and the spectacular volunteers who dedicated their time and talent to bring Unhinged to life in The Haunted Basement!

All photo, interview and media requests please contact Lillian Egner, Project Manager: hauntedbasement@soapfactory.org