45 Great Nautical Gifts to Anchor Your Relationships

If you are looking to buy nautical gifts for someone who loves sailing, ships or the sea in general, it may seem like you would be strapped for ideas. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth as you would find that there are several quirky gift ideas that a nautical enthusiast would love! The following are some of these gift ideas:

1. Bathroom Decor Wall Art – Beach Theme Décor

This beautiful beach-themed wall art is the perfect addition to your guest bathroom. There are four panels in this print, each with a marine creature printed in a stunning teal color. This is a great way to add a pop of color to the bathroom, an ideal gift for lovers of marine life.

2. Impress Life Nautical Theme Decorative String Lights

Marine life is almost fantastical and that is what this glorious string of lights captures. Adding these to any room can transform it into a magical setting, perfect for homes that host a lot of people. One can spend several cozy evenings watching tiny seahorses and starfish twinkling in the sky. You can also use this as a night light if you like having a warm golden glow while you sleep.

3. Regal Art and Gift S599 Sea Turtle Wall Decor

Sea Turtles are some of the most adorable marine creatures! If you have ever watched Finding Nemo, you know this is true. This delightful Sea Turtle Wall Decor set comes with three of these creatures in different sizes. A great way to decorate an empty wall and also a hit with the kids! The beautiful blue-green variation in the paint also brightens the room up incredibly.

4. Bathroom Decor Beach Decor Sea Turtle

Another great homage to the majestic sea turtle, this stunning image of the marine reptile is a vibrant addition to the bathroom. It can be hung right above the water closet or on any empty wall. Again, a great way to add a pop of color to the bathroom and one can always have a sea turtle friend to greet them each time they visit the loo!

5. HUNRUNG Rectangle Storage Basket

If you are looking for nautical gift ideas for someone with young kids or pets, then this storage basket with a cute whale print is a great option. If the kids are also marine enthusiasts, this is a double whammy! The storage basket can be used for their toys, clothes and other miscellaneous items.

6. Mud Pie Turtle Paper Towel Holder

This Mud Pie Turtle paper towel holder is an incredibly cute present for someone’s housewarming. It is a simple yet elegant design that will add a splash of excitement to any table setting. Again, if they have children, this is an even more exciting present!

7. Gifts & Decor German Passat Model Ship

This wooden model ship is so detailed and close to life that one can spend hours simply examining the nuances in the design. There is a net, life-like cloth sails and even tiny windows carved into the ship. If a friend loves ships and nautical engineering, then this is a great present to get them.

8. Miniature Sailing Boat Model

If you are not looking for an extremely detailed piece, these charming sailing boat models are also great options for nautical gifts. They can be used as a wall hanging or can simply be displayed in a showcase. These adorable miniatures will provide a rustic charm to any home decor.

9. Lily’s Home Rustic Wood-Style Country Lighthouse Wall Clock

A wall clock is a great way to introduce one’s personal style into a room. There are so many designs and styles available for wall clocks, so for someone who loves the ocean, this lighthouse wall clock could be the perfect present. Great for telling the right time, even better for being reminded of pleasant memories at the beach!

10. Starla Starfish Wall Decoration

A charming wall sculpture for an elegant home that could use some accents on the walls. The sculpture is ideal for infusing rustic beach shack vibes into a home, making it seem more relaxed and cozy. It is also a good way to add a small token of one’s marine interests, without painting a whole wall blue or making some similarly big change.

11. Wooden Nautical Beach House Décor

This set of ornaments includes a wooden nautical lighthouse, anchor and ship steering wheel. Each of these accessories has been detailed with nets, shells and sailing rope. Perfect for displaying over a showcase and also a great gift for older children.

12. Beach-Themed Nautical Kitchen Placemats

This set of four table placemats are a fun way to set a small table. They have a neutral color resembling sand and each of them has a unique nautical-themed motif. The mats are 100% cotton and are washable.

13. Wooden, Nautical, Fishing Box for Coins, Keys or the Man Cave

An ideal gift for a fishing enthusiast and coin collector combined! Even if the recipient is not much of a coin collector, this fishing box is a good way to keep track of spare change and will also add some quirk to a drab work desk.

14. Picnic Time Brand Mariner Cheese Board and Tool Set

This is one of the most innovative cheese boards one can find, shaped like the wheel of a ship. There are brackets in the wheel that house the various tools for the cheese boards. The handles of these tools become the wheel’s spokes. A great way for one to enjoy cheese and also pretend they are a sailor!

15. Calloway Mills Lighthouse Welcome Doormat

A great housewarming present for someone who loves the beach or has an affection for lighthouses, this doormat has an illustration of a charming lighthouse and has the word “Welcome” written in cursive. As soon as they return home, they will be greeted with the sight of this lovely lighthouse!

16. Nautical Beach Wooden Boat/Ship Steering Wheel

For a lover of boats, this is a great wall hanging for the garage or just the den where they may like to unwind. It offers a rustic beach vibe that can immediately transport one to a shack on their favorite beach. A charming and thoughtful present that also carries with it instantly fun energy.

17. Vintage Antique Style Brass Sundial Compass

This brass sundial compass is just the vintage charm that will provide a boat lover or sailing enthusiast with great joy. Though this is not an antique, it certainly is a great mockup of one and can be the ideal item to display on a work desk.

18. Lighthouse Cork Caddy

When an ocean and wine lover come together, it becomes almost a must to give them a cork caddy shaped like a lighthouse. This cork holder is not only innovative, it also has an elegant design that would look stunning at the bar! One can collect exotic and beautiful corks that come with wine bottles from all over the world.

19. Baby Crib Mobile Whale and Sailboat Ocean

When a nautical enthusiast has a baby, a crib mobile with whales and sailboats is a great present. Not only will you be getting them something useful for the new baby, but it is also a touching gesture, acknowledging the parent’s interest and love for the great waters.

20. Rustic Cast Iron Anchor Key Holder

A stunning key holder shaped like an anchor, this rustic cast iron piece is great for hanging right by the door so one can have easy access to the door. It is not too large or distracting, but it gets the job done while also flaunting its innovative nautical theme.

21. Elegant Angel Fish Wall Sculpture

This beautiful wall sculpture of an angelfish is a great gift idea for someone who loves fish and is able to admire their beauty. This is a hand-painted sculpture that can be placed in the den, garage or even on the porch! A versatile piece of decoration, indeed.

22. Great White Shark Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Who doesn’t love some seasoning in their food? A salt and pepper dispenser is a great housewarming present anyway, but if the new homeowner is also an ocean lover, then this Great White Shark glass dispenser set is the perfect present!

23. Hampton Nautical Wooden Anchor Coasters

These anchor-themed coasters are an extremely elegant and sophisticated set to bring out in front of guests. Not only will they protect your tabletops from condensation, but they are also beautiful-looking pieces by themselves. The rosewood holder is simply a cherry on top of a very elegant cake!

24. Mermaid and Octopus Wall Art

These stunning mermaid and octopus wall art pieces can go anywhere in one’s home and will brighten up space or at least infuse it with intrigue. One can hang them all together or even separate them and place them in different parts of the house. This is a versatile and elegant present to give a nautical enthusiast!

25. Wieco Art Portland Lighthouse 5 Panels

This five-panel canvas print is the ideal piece for a long and unadorned wall. This can become the statement piece in a room that is otherwise kept more or less bare. The painting has a profound depth to it and the five different panels make it even more dynamic!

26. Coastal Round Iron Compass Wall Décor

This iron compass wall decor is another great piece to add panache to any room. It can become the statement piece that is a conversation starter when guests pour into the room at a gathering. An ideal present for a sailing lover and also a great way to decorate a bare wall.

27. Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

Who could say no to a glass of whiskey, especially when it is being poured out of an antique ship! This whiskey decanter is a great present for someone who loves ships and also loves their liquor! It’s a great conversation starter too. How could it not be? It’s literally whiskey pouring out of a majestic ship!

28. Coaster for Drinks by Teivio

These vibrant coasters are great to have at the coffee table, ready to be whipped out as guests arrive or simply for enjoying a solitary cup of coffee. It is a great way to add a pop of color to the room and one can admire the designs on the coaster for hours!

29. Lighthouse Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Another excellent idea for a salt and pepper dispenser, this decorative kitchen sculpture is a great way to add seasoning to any meal. When no one is not using it, they can simply admire the workmanship!

30. Liffy Metal Crab Wall Decor

This funky crab sculpture is a great ornament to add by the pool or even in the patio or bathroom. The glass body gives it a cool shimmer that can catch sunlight at the right angles. This is a piece of pop art that could make for a great installation.

31. Decorative Birdhouse, Vintage Coastal Cabin

For when beach vacations seem too far away, one can simply sit in the garden and gaze at birds enjoying seeds from this birdhouse made in the shape of a coastal cabin. It is a delightful ornament to add to the garden!

32. 2 Sets of Hanging Wooden Nautical Fish Decoration

This Mediterranean-style home wooden sculpture of hanging fish can be added to the kids room, the patio or even by the pool. This is an incredibly versatile ornament that looks great wherever it is installed.

33. Attraction Design Wooden Boat Shelf Set of 2

Bored of the same old rectangular wooden shelves? These boat-shaped shelves are a fun way to mix it up and add a nautical theme to any room. They are complete with nets, starfish and two shelves to keep books, curios and other items.

34. Adecuado Rustic Wall Art Boat Anchor Paintings

These four prints are a great set to hang in the center of a large wall. Even if the rest of the room is largely bare, these four wall paintings can really bring the decor of a room together and make for great presents!

35. Kate Aspen “Our Adventure Begins” Bottle Stopper

It can at times be difficult to keep track of a wine cork once the bottle has been opened. For every time that one misplaces the cork (which is presumably quite frequently), this bottle stopper is the perfect way to keep the party going without the taste of the wine getting affected!

36. WINOMO 18-Inch Wheel Wall Decor

A great wall decoration for a kids’ room, especially if the kid loves ships and life in the waters. This is a great model of a boat steering wheel, complete with a net, starfish and motifs of seagulls!

37. Portable Conch Shell Beach-Themed Night Light

A great present for adults and kids alike, this shell beach-themed night light is a great lamp to have by the bedside. It even has a timer and is an incredible way to make a room seem warmer and cozier at night!

38. Home is where the boat is Anchored’ Metal Sign Art

A great gift for sailors and ocean lovers, this wall art has a touching message for those who like to be on the move. Home does not have to be where one resides, but simply where the boat is anchored.

39. Brass Nautical – 5 inches Large Sundial Compass

This vintage-style brass sundial compass is a great present to give someone who loves the waters. It comes seated in a rosewood case and is an extremely elegant ornament to display in one’s study.

40. Metal Sea Turtle Wall Art Mosaic Turtle Wall Decor

This is another funky wall art that can make any room look cooler. It can be mounted behind the bar, on the patio and pretty much anywhere in the house. The mosaic finish of the piece lends it a vibrancy that can make any room look more exciting.

41. Anchor Bottle Opener

This anchor-shaped bottle opener is not only a great and thoughtful present for someone who loves boats and ships, but it is also extremely useful! Think of it as a token of celebration. Each time the recipient of this present reaches for it to pop a pint of beer on a hot afternoon, they will be reminded of you.

42. Premium Sailor’s Hand Crafted Brass & Wooden Ship Wheel

This hand-crafted brass and wooden ship wheel is a great collectible to have displayed in one’s home. It has an elegant finish and the brass accents give the wheel an old-world charm!

43. Lighthouse Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Table Lamp

This stained glass table lamp or night light is truly a work of art. It will add a warm glow to the room and is a great present for someone who loves the beach. If you have shared memories of a day spent by a lighthouse, this is an even better present! But even without it, it is a beautiful gift to give someone.

44. Elegant Angelfish & Coral Reef Decorative Bookend Set

This hand-painted ocean-themed bookend set is a quirky and sweet present for a book and ocean lover! This can be the bookend set they use for all their reference books about ships, the ocean and the great marine life!

45. Drinking Octopus Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder not only has an innovative shape, it is also a humorous present as it looks as if the octopus is guzzling a bottle of wine!

Wrapping Up

Being a nautical enthusiast is certainly a niche interest that not everybody can partake in. But even if you cannot share a friend or loved one’s enthusiasm for the ocean or ships, you can always acknowledge them by getting them a quirky nautical gift!