35 Mesmerizing Mermaid Gifts

Looking for gifts can sometimes be frustrating. However, if you have a young kid who absolutely adores mermaids, then you can never go wrong with a mermaid-themed gift. In fact, some gifts can also work well for adults. After all, no one ever truly grows out of their fascination with mermaids.

What mermaid gifts are available in the market? To make your life a bit easier, we have compiled this list with plenty of mermaid gift ideas. Let’s dive in!

1. Softan Mermaid Tail Blanket

A mermaid tail blanket with rainbow colors and a smooth texture? We vote yes! This blanket is available in sizes for both kids and adults and also lets you pick a color and texture of your choice. The flannel fleece material can help keep one warm throughout the night, making them feel like a live mermaid as a bonus.

2. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

If someone you know loves making bracelets and also holds endless fascination for mermaids, then this charm bracelet-making kit can be a perfect choice for them. With multiple beads, shapes, belts and clip-on charms, this kit can allow one to make jewelry on their own in a simple and hassle-free way.

3. Craft-tastic Mermaid Craft Kit

A crafty solution to bring the sea world to your gift recipient, this box set comes with accessories like thread, acrylic felt, sequins, glitter, beads, adhesive, cards, clips, stickers and more to make a range of craft projects that one can then display and wear. This can also be a great way to inspire creativity.

4. Sleeveless Mermaid Dress

Young kids tend to love colorful dresses, especially if they can make them feel like a royal mermaid. This gift option lets you pick a dress and size of your choice. Each of them comes in various colors of the rainbow, many of them full of sparkling glitter. Some dresses also include a fin-like design on them.

5. Mermaid Pop-Up Umbrella

An umbrella can be a great option for young children, allowing them to use it in rain or shine. The mermaid design on the umbrella full of pink and blue colors can watch over a child’s head, with the pop-out crown and fin adding to the appeal. The design is also safe for kids without any risk of injury through the buttons or hooks.

6. Mermaid Bubble Bath Bomb

Bath bombs can be wonderful gifts if you want to provide a relaxing and refreshing experience to someone. These can release pleasant and fruity scents along with magical colors and bubbles to create a fun atmosphere. Further, each bath bomb has a mermaid necklace hidden inside. The substances used are natural and safe as well.

7. 3Pcs Mermaid Swimsuit

These colorful swimsuits can be ideal for young children aged 3-14 years. This gift includes a top, underwear and a mermaid tail along with a floral crown to provide a full sea princess experience. There are several different colors and sizes that you can pick from. This comfortable swimsuit can make the perfect wear for a pool or beach day.

8. TOMNEW Mermaid Night Light

With a blue exterior, this night light can create an ocean-like atmosphere in one’s room whenever it is turned on. It projects seven different colors across the room with a texture of waves all around the walls and ceiling. It also comes with a music player, auto timer and remote control options.

9. Jewelkeeper Musical Jewelry Box

A music box with a mermaid figurine and exterior sea designs can create a mesmerizing and soothing atmosphere, making this a great gift for someone around you. With storage space for jewelry, this box can also be practical to use. It is made from plastic and has a buckle clasp to open and shut the box.

10. Magical Mermaid Charm with Story Card

This metal mermaid charm can serve as a small but unique gift for someone who loves mermaids. It also comes with a story card that provides a message of hope to your gift recipient. The charm is approximately 1.25 inches in length, perfect for pocket sizes or displays.

11. Homestia Mermaid Wine Bottle Stopper

This one is for the more adult mermaids in your life. This elegant wine stopper can be an excellent gift to seal wine or other suitable alcohol bottles. The entire structure is made from a combination of stainless steel, zinc and silicone, offering durability and beauty to preserve the wine well.

12. Mini Mermaid Garden

An egg-shaped structure in this set can give birth to a mini garden, perfect for young children. It creates an ocean-like appeal with mermaids and fish, along with options to grow and take care of small plants. There is a potting mix, some seeds, stickers, figurines and decorative sand within the set.

13. Townley Mermaid Makeup Set

A makeup set can satisfy curious children who love glitter, sparkles and, of course, mermaids. The packaging has a mermaid tail on it and includes lip gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish and body glitter, all of which are made from natural materials that are safe for kids to use. It also includes a makeup brush.

14. Naanle Mermaid Tote Bag

You can give this pretty tote bag to children as well as adults. The background has soft pastel teal and white stripes with a shimmering golden mermaid tail. It is entirely made from cotton and has a convenient strap for carrying the bag around for shopping or holding other accessories.

15. ZaH Mermaid Ceramic Mug

A ceramic mug can also work for all ages, making it a beautiful and useful gift to have a daily cup of tea or coffee in. The exterior of the mug (either pastel pink or blue) has textured fins on it, with the handle being a golden mermaid tail. Each mug has a capacity of 15 ounces.

16. Mermaid Travel Mug

Travel mugs are always helpful gifts so that they can maintain the temperature of the drink inside while also being convenient to carry around without any leaks. This travel mug comes in blue, purple and pink colors with white fin-like shapes. It can hold 30 ounces of liquid and is made from stainless steel.

17. Decorative Trinket Box

This bronze structure has a jewelry or trinket box that can hold tiny accessories. The exterior is full of sea creatures and corals with a mermaid figurine sitting on the top. This can also act as a nice decorative piece in one’s room or on a shelf. The outer structures also have a light-colored finish.

18. WERNNSAI Sequins Pillow Cases

Perfect for throw pillows, this pillowcase is made from small sequins that form an underwater image with a colorful mermaid tail and some other sea creatures and bubbles. The front and back are covered with sequins, allowing one to run their hands across the pillow to create different shapes. A zipper is also present but hidden from view.

19. Mermaid Tail Pens

Mermaid pens are colorful with the end of the pen having a mermaid tail shape. There are six pens present in the set, each having unique and multiple colors along with fin shapes and textures. The nib has a cap to cover it. You can also refill these pens to keep using them for a long time.

20. Banvih Pretend Makeup Kit

This makeup set has multiple accessories, all of which are mermaid themed. These include a crown, a shiny pouch, makeup brushes, sunglasses, a bracelet, lipstick, eyeshadow, glitter, blush and more. All of these are light and non-toxic, making them perfect for young children. They are also easy to clean up.

21. 3D Mermaid Illusion Lamp

A magical structure with a circular base and a 3D mermaid figure on top, this can be a great gift for one to keep in their room and provide light. It comes with LED lighting that you can control by changing colors using a remote control. The structure is also energy efficient. It uses batteries for its power.

22. WERNNSAI Drawstring Pack

This pack comes with a pouch, a drawstring pack, a keychain, hair ties, a bracelet and a necklace. All of these have mermaid graphics on them, usually in the form of mermaid tails. Most of them are also made from sequins, giving a sparkly appeal to all the accessories.

23. Mermaid Lunch Bag

Lunch bags to safely hold lunch boxes and other food can be convenient for young children to take to school. The display includes mermaid tail and sea plant graphics, giving a smooth, colorful and glossy appeal to the bag. It is also insulated and safe.

24. GirlZone Mermaid Sparkle Slime Kit

Slime kits are perfect gifts for young children who love playing around and creating new things. The slime, glitter and adhesives included in this kit along with small mermaid tail structures can keep kids happy and occupied while also inspiring creativity.

25. Mermaid Kids Play Tent

There is nothing like a play tent for kids to play and rest in. It can create a comfortable, safe and fun place for them to go alone or with their friends. This tent has visuals full of mermaids and other sea creatures and plants. It is easy to set up and clean up as well.

26. Disney Little Mermaid T-Shirt

Disney’s Little Mermaid is quite popular and well loved by kids. Buying a t-shirt with its graphics can make a great and useful gift for children. You can pick from multiple colors and sizes. It is available for both boys and girls.

27. Mermaid Beach Towel

A mermaid beach towel can definitely make one’s beach experience a lot more magical. This towel is round in shape and has blue-pink-purple colors with a mermaid tail and other starfish. Made from microfiber, this towel can be a durable and pretty gift.

28. Mermaid Shot Glasses

This gift can work perfectly for adults. This set comes with two shot glasses, each of them having a capacity of 3.4 ounces. It has two layers that can help deal with various temperatures and spills. The drink goes inside the mermaid tail, giving a unique drinking experience.

29. Sunset Vista Mermaid Wind Chime

Wind chimes are always great gift choices, creating a soothing and light sound. This wind chime has a mermaid figure at the top with the chimes holding starfish, shells and corals at their ends. Each of these is further full of sparkly and glittery colors. The chime rods are made from metal and are durable.

30. Sequins Notebook Set

An excellent set that comes with a notebook, key chain, pen and bracelet, this is another excellent choice for a gift. The key chain and notebook both have mermaid tails that are made using sequins. The notebook also has a lock and key. This can be a great way to encourage writing or drawing habits.

31. Mermaid Keychains

This set contains 18 keychains in different shapes that include mermaids, mermaid tails, dolphins and starfish. All of these come in several colors and are made from sequins that provide a shiny appearance to each of them, making them perfect for decorative key structures. They are also functional as one can hang important keys on them.

32. Mermaid Coin Purses

This collection has 15 coin purses, with mermaid tail shapes and sparkly and colorful appearances brought about by the sequins. Each of these purses has small handles on them to make them easier to carry around. The zips can prevent coins from falling out. These purses are great choices for party favors.

33. Mermaid Stationery Set

People, especially children, tend to love collecting stationery. This kit can be perfect for these people. Entirely mermaid themed and colorful, this collection includes stickers, cards, colorful papers, stamps, envelopes, erasers, pens and more. This can be a nice way to spark curiosity and creativity in children.

34. Integrity Bottles Wine Glass

This beautiful wine glass can be ideal for adults, offering a decorative and fun drinking experience. A mermaid illustration is present on this glass with the bottom being full of textured blue patterns that look like waves. It is further hand etched, making it an even more unique gift.

35. Metal Mermaid Bookmarks

Metal mermaid bookmarks are perfect gifts for budding or established bookworms, whether they are kids or adults. They provide a vintage look, with the tails having bead strings hanging from them. The set comes with 6 identical pieces that you can hand out as party favors or as a shared accessory to celebrate with someone.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of this long and wonderful list. We hope you found something that caught your eye and can make the perfect gift for someone you know. You can now go ahead, buy the gift, wrap it up and make someone’s day!