35 Meaningful Memorial & Sympathy Gifts for Men

Buying a gift for men is quite a challenge. More so, when they’ve lost someone close in their life. While a gift cannot overcome that loss, it might still be able to bring a smile to their face. Here are 27 memorial gifts for men, to gift to your husband, brother, father, friend or any other man you know who’s grieving.

A Book on Dealing with Loss

Grief Day By Day: Simple Practices and Daily Guidance for Living with Loss is an excellent handbook that offers a number of prompts to help deal with the various emotions one goes through while dealing with grief. This book can be a great gift for your loved ones to work through their emotions using the daily reflections and weekly exercises.

Remembrance Candle

Candles always make for a great gift. You can gift this beautiful candle with a personalized message on the jar for a memorial. The scent of the candle can also be personalized to one that reminds your friend/relative of the loved one they’ve lost.

Memorial Tree Planted in Their Name

Trees for a Change lets you dedicate a tree for a special someone and sends the recipient of your gift the details about the tree. Information such as the tree’s location, type and some photos will be made available, So they can even go visit the tree. This is an excellent gift that will outlast the flowers or bouquets gifted at funerals.

5-Piece Care Package

This Kedrian care package is a perfect give for your loved one. It comes with a warm blanket, a pair of fuzzy socks, a silk eye mask, an insulated tumbler and a lavender candle, all to create a loving environment for them. The blanket and tumbler have some encouraging words that can lighten up the mood of the recipient.

Personalized Keychain with Engraved Quote

This keychain, with a steel ring and leather strap, can be customized to make an ideal gift for a memorial. The ring can be engraved on both sides with up to 35 characters on each side, and the leather strap can be embossed with an initial as well. As a keychain is quite handy, this will make a lovely gift for just about anyone.

‘In Loving Memory’ Memory Jar

A memory jar can hold a lot of keepsakes and messages from everyone at home. This ‘In Loving Memory’ memory jar also comes with a roll of 180 blank tickets and a pen. This is a perfect gift that can be placed in one’s living room, with everyone in the family filling it with their memories of the departed.

Wine Country Gift Basket

For someone who has a taste for the finer things in life, this Wine Country gift basket can make for a perfect gift. It comes with an assortment of gourmet chocolates, cheese, crackers, cocoa, fudge and many more goodies. It can even be sent with a card having a personalized message.

Memorial Cuff Bracelet

If your loved one appreciates jewelry, this bracelet can be a wonderful gift. This stainless steel cuff comes with a beautiful quote to remind them that their love for the deceased will always last. It’s a beautiful reminder of the one they’ve lost and it can be worn daily as a memorial to the loved one.

Stainless Steel Chain with Engraved Pendant

For someone who might not love bracelets, you can get the same quote as a pendant on a chain. This seller even lets you buy just the pendant itself, so they can attach it to any jewelry they already have. It has a little baby feet charm, making it the ideal gift for someone who’s lost a child.

Leather Memorial Bracelet

For the rugged man, this leather bracelet can be a great gift to remember someone who’s passed away. The metal plate in the center is customizable and can be engraved with the name of the departed, with the dates of birth and death as well. You get to choose from a variety of fonts for the engraving and add up to 3 lines of engraving on the metal strap.

Morse Code Bracelet

This morse code bracelet is a wonderful memorial gift. This is a handmade bracelet of an adjustable size that fits most people. The message ‘Always in my heart‘ is written in morse code using beads, making it a beautiful, yet silent, reminder of the loved one. This is a wonderful gift to someone who’s lost someone really close to them.

Custom Ring with Handwriting Engraving

A more discreet piece of jewelry is this custom ring. This can be customized with the handwriting of the departed just by sending the seller an image of the handwritten message. The seller offers you the option to engrave the ring on the inside, outside or both sides.

Personalized Leather Wallet

Here’s a similar handwriting engraved gift that can make someone’s day. This beautiful leather wallet can be engraved with a handwritten message on the inside so that the recipient sees it every time they get their wallets out. For a small charge, you can even opt to add their name engraved on the outside of the wallet.

Personalized Memorial Clock

A beautiful clock can work as a lovely collectible in remembrance of a loved one. This memorial gift can be customized with the departed’s name and years of birth and death engraved onto it. The beautiful wooden clock is perfect for that gentleman in your life who can display this at his office desk.

Customized Remembrance Journal

This Etsy seller makes customized remembrance journals with the words ‘Memories of my Mom/Dad’ on the cover. You can get it customized to add a name at the bottom, to signify the author of this memoir. The seller also lets you choose the type of pages within the journal.

T-shirt Quilt Blanket

After losing someone close, one is left with an abundance of personal items that they might not have the heart to throw away. This Etsy seller makes quilt blankets with old clothing, which can be a keepsake in memory of the dearly departed. Once you placed an order, you’ll be asked to mail the t-shirts to the seller, who will then send you the handmade quilt in a few weeks.

Biker Memorial Charm

If the departed loved bikes, this bike charm with an angel wing can be the perfect gift. The recipient can add the charm to a bracelet, chain or keychain. You can even add an alphabet charm, in memory of the loved one. This can also be a lovely gift for a bike enthusiast, who can add it to his bike keys.

Personalized Keepsake Box

After the loss of a loved one, people ideally go through their personal belongings to clear the home. This handmade wooden keepsake box can be perfect to store the interesting items they find along the way that they just can’t let go of. It can even be personalized with an engraving on the top and comes with a key to lock it all in.

Personalized Pocket Coin

This pocket coin can be etched with any phrase or name on one or both sides. This little trinket can act as a gentle reminder of the lost one. Add the name and date on one side, with a beautiful message on the other side to create the ideal keepsake in memory of a loved one.

Angel Car Hanger

A beautiful hanger for the rearview mirror of your recipient’s car is also a lovely gift. This particular hanger comes with angel wings and can be customized by adding photos and messages on both sides.

Custom Memorial Cuff Links

Cuff links are also a great gift for men. As a memorial gift, you can get these cuff links that can be customized by choosing the desired finish and adding photos or quotes on the face of the cuff link. As cuff links are usually worn on special occasions, these custom cuff links can be a great way to bring the departed along on those occasions.

Personalized Urn Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is a beautiful memorial gift. Not only is it sturdy and stylish, but it also has a secret chamber to hold a little bit of cremation ash or some locks of hair from the lost loved one. The inside of the bracelet can also be engraved with a name or phrase.

Personalized Urn Dog Tag

A similar gift is this customizable dog tag to wear around the neck. This too can be engraved, on the front and back, and has a secret chamber to hold ashes, messages, locks of hair or dried flowers. You can personalize the engraving with any dates, names or phrases in memory of the dearly departed.

Memory Dish

This gorgeous, handmade ceramic dish is a lovely sympathy keepsake. It comes with a beautiful quote printed on top, but you can also choose to add a name along with it. This is a perfect dish to hold trinkets, notes and jewelry.

Photo Locket Keychain

Gift this little photo locket that one can use as a keychain. The locket comes with slots to add up to 4 photos is quite compact. It has two color options and you can either send the seller your photos to be included or not.

Forget-Me-Not Seed Coin

A forget-me-not seed coin is a one-of-a-kind gift that makes for a great memorial gift. It can be kept inside the wallet or pocket in remembrance of a loved one. Forget-me-nots are perennial flowers, so this seed can act as a reminder of a dear one. The coin can also be engraved with a name or date as a memorial of the loved one.

Puppy Memorial Key Ring

For someone who’s lost their puppy/dog, this keyring would be the ideal gift. This puppy memorial keyring comes with a little paw-shaped charm, to remind one of their pet. It also has a metal strip with a lovely quote engraved on it that will surely console your grieving friend.

Summing Up

Dealing with grief is tough. But a nice gift can help alleviate someone’s mood. Remembrance and memorial gifts can be hard to shop for, so we hope these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for your loved one.