39 Lovely Leather Anniversary Gifts

A leather anniversary denotes the completion of three years of a relationship or marriage. To celebrate, leather is given as a symbol for a flexible and long-lasting marriage that can survive all odds.

If you are coming close to achieving this milestone or know a couple who is, then you can go through the following leather gifts to give to your loved one.

1. Leather Shoes

These elegant leather shoes can come in several colors ranging from shades of brown to black. While most of it is made from leather, the sole is made from wood while the inner lining is cushioned to offer comfort and softness. You can also select the appropriate size before buying a pair of these shoes.

2. Leather Watch

A watch can be a timeless and useful gift for your partner. With the casing and dial made from stainless steel, it can offer the perfect contrast between the silver and the brown of the leather strap, making this a great gift for your anniversary. It further offers a good water resistance level.

3. Passport Holder

If you and your partner are frequent fliers, then a passport holder might be the perfect gift for you. With additional pockets to store your cards and tickets, this holder can also function as a wallet. It further comes in several different colors that you can choose from. You can also pick two for both of you.

4. Leather-Scented Candle

The smell of leather can be quite soothing and pleasant. What better way to celebrate a leather anniversary than by buying a leather-scented candle and using it as an accessory for your special evening? The candle further offers the fragrances of essential oils, wood, berry, vanilla and herbs alongside leather.

5. Custom Music Sheet

This custom leather music sheet can be a wonderful way to celebrate your ongoing harmony with a printed score of any song of your choice. If you share a favorite or defining song between you, then you can request that too! A personal portrait or picture of the two of you can further serve as a background.

6. Leather Cufflinks

Custom leather cufflinks can be another great and stylish gift for your partner. You can carve their initials or other letters on them to celebrate them on your special day together. The rest of the structure is silver in color, providing a nice contrast with the leather. Perfect to wear to your date night or an official occasion!

7. Leather Pillow Covers

Leather pillow covers can not only mark your leather anniversary but can also enhance the appearance of your couch with their cognac brown color. You can get a set of two throw pillow covers with this gift. The leather is further vegan and is convenient to clean with just a damp towel.

8. Leather Desk Pad

If you have noticed your partner struggling to keep their devices in place while working, then a leather desk pad might make an effective gift for them. It can protect their devices well while also being long enough to hold multiple objects on the desk. It further comes with a matte black gift box.

9. Leather Jacket

If your partner has been eyeing a leather jacket or dropping hints about wanting one, then your third anniversary can be the perfect occasion to gift them one. You can choose from multiple sizes and colors. This jacket also comes with a zipper, pockets and a removable hood. The polyester lining can offer comfort as well.

10. Manicure Set

Gift your partner this manicure set if you know that they carry out this process often. The case is made from brown leather and looks like a pouch. Opening up reveals 16 manicure tools carefully placed in small pockets. The tools are made from stainless steel while the pouch can be convenient for travel too.

11. Leather Journal

A leather-bound journal can be a beautiful gift for your partner, especially if they enjoy writing or noting down multiple things. It opens up to environmentally friendly sheets of cotton paper. There is also a buckle and a gemstone on the exterior of this journal, along with intricate patterns all around it. The smell of leather can be great too!

12. Office Chair

If your partner needs a new chair for their home or work office, then this sleek black leather chair can make a great gift for your third anniversary. High and adjustable, this can also be comfortable to use. It comes equipped with five roller wheels for easier movement.

13. Leather Bag

A soft brown leather bag to store toiletries or other small objects can make another excellent gift. This can also be convenient if there is frequent travel involved. It has metal buttons, double zippers and large pockets to hold multiple things. You can also pick a darker shade or larger size if required.

14. Leather Tote Bag

A rich brown leather tote bag from Michael Kors can nicely show your appreciation for your partner. It further has gold-colored hardware such as chains, a logo and zippers. With one large pocket and four smaller slip pockets, this bag can further provide sufficient space to carry around one’s essentials on a daily or occasional basis.

15. Camera Strap

If one of you is the designated camera person, then you can gift a leather camera strap to show your love and appreciation. You can use this strap with all kinds of SLR and DSLR cameras, allowing convenient carrying no matter which memory you two want to capture. The strap is also adjustable.

16. Engraved Wallet

This takes carrying a photo of a loved one in wallets to another level! Made from leather, you have the option of getting a picture of the two of you engraved on this wallet. You can also engrave a message of your choice inside. It further comes with multiple pockets and slots for convenience.

17. Luggage Tags

Another great gift for frequent travelers, luggage tags can be small but extremely useful and attractive leather anniversary gifts that can make your combined luggage stand out. You can get four leather tags in a single pack while also having the option of selecting a color of your choice. The flap further opens to a PVC screen to protect the label.

18. Engraved Tray

You can gift this deep brown leather tray to your partner so that they can store their accessories and belongings in it. It can work well for shared items as well. The base of the tray comes engraved with a message celebrating the time that you and your partner have shared together. You can also open up the corners to make the tray flatter.

19. Leather Picture Frame

This leather frame can be a memorable gift for a leather anniversary. It can let you and your partner place a favorite picture of the two of you inside. The frame also comes engraved with indicators of your shared three years. You can either mount this on a wall or place it on a desk. Horizontal options are also available.

20. Engraved Compass

There’s nothing like an engraved compass to celebrate how far you have come and how much further you will go together on your journey. The compass itself has a brass finish, a long chain and an engraved quote while its case is a small leather pouch with anchor prints on it.

21. Leather Belt Pair

A pair of leather belts can be perfect for your partner or for the two of you to share. You can buy two belts in this purchase with one being dark brown in color while the other being black. They are both braided in their texture for appearance and convenience. You can pick the required size as well.

22. Leather Bookmarks

Couples who read together stay together, right? If you and your partner or a couple that you know enjoys reading frequently, then a pair of leather bookmarks can make lovely gifts for a leather anniversary. They are both made from leather, making them quite long lasting. They also have engraved hearts and a message on them.

23. Leisure Chairs

A pair of leisure leather chairs can make a stylish and comfortable addition to your house. Fully brown and having tapered legs and square tufts as patterns, these chairs can be perfect for your anniversary. The seats further have foam cushioning, making them great for lounging around and sharing a moment together.

24. Plant Hanger

Ideal for a plant parent, you can gift this leather plant hanger to your loved ones to carry their potted plant while it hangs freely from the ceiling. The length of this hanger is adjustable while the bottom of it acts as a saddle for the pot. It is 30 inches long and you can also buy two to give it a companion too!

25. Leather Apron

Leather aprons can be useful gifts for your partner and can be used for multiple purposes such as during a barbeque, while woodworking, making repairs and more. These aprons come with three pockets to hold tools, a neck belt and a belt to tie around one’s waist. They are further handstitched, making them even more special.

26. Mexican Leather Shot Glasses

Shot glasses can always make fantastic gifts as you can share them with your loved ones and guests. These shot glasses take it a step further with Mexican leather material and a mini-shoe shape on the edges, making these a quirky and fun gift for your leather anniversary. Each pack comes with a set of three.

27. Leather Earrings

Some gorgeous leather earrings can be a wonderful leather anniversary gift for your partner. These earrings come in a leaf-like shape with cut edges that can add further texture to them. They also have gold-colored hooks and a metal bar. You can pick any color of your choice for these earrings.

28. Leather Bow Tie and Suspenders

You can gift a set that includes a bow tie as well as suspenders to enhance your partner’s outfit on a special occasion. Both these pieces are made from leather. You also have the option of choosing a color of your choice. The suspenders have adjustable straps, but you can also pick an appropriate size.

29. Adventure Book

Get something to store your memories with your partner on all the adventures that you are bound to go through! This leather-bound scrapbook with 40 sheets inside and loads of stickers can help you document each new special memory. The book is bound together using a thread, making it easy to flip through it.

30. Ottoman

A leather ottoman or footrest can enhance the design of your room and can be a unique way to celebrate your leather anniversary. It comes in a rich brown color and has lighter but detailed patterns on it. You and your partner can easily use it as a seat, a soft table or a footrest.

31. Personalized Leather Coasters

Remind yourselves of your love every morning while sipping on a cup of coffee. These leather coasters with custom engravings can make wonderful leather anniversary gifts. You can include your initials in a heart along with your names and date. The borders are made from metal and they also include a leather holder for added convenience.

32. Personalized Keychain

With these personalized leather keychains, you can engrave your and your partner’s names as well as special coordinates on them. You can also choose a suitable font of your choice. These keychains additionally come with metal rings and hooks, making them great for storing keys together in a single place.

33. Leather Chess Set

Have a chess enthusiast in your relationship? Gift them this beautiful vintage leather chess set, complete with a board and magnetic chess pieces. The board is 12 inches in size and is also foldable with a button to fasten it, making it perfect if your partner wants to travel with it.

34. Cup Sleeve

A leather cup sleeve can be a unique and useful gift for your partner, allowing them to retain the temperature of their drink while holding their cup or glass conveniently. The entire sleeve is made from leather and is held in place by brass rivets. It can wrap itself around a glass of up to 16 ounces in capacity.

35. Wine Bag

Take your partner out for a picnic and carry this leather wine bag along with you. You can pack some wine bottles in it while maintaining their cool temperature throughout your outing. The bag also comes with two stainless steel wine glasses.

36. Leather Anniversary Flask

A great way to celebrate your leather anniversary while also keeping a drink cool, this stainless steel flask can be a good choice for a gift for your partner. The leather sleeve has a message about your shared three years on it that can further enhance the gift. The flask has a capacity of six ounces.

37. Leather Rose

This can make a unique and beautiful gift for your partner to celebrate your third anniversary. This rose is made entirely from leather and can be a much more durable choice than natural flowers. You can also pick a color of your choice.

38. Tool Belt

If your partner works around the house or professionally on a frequent basis to make repairs or carry out some gardening, then a leather tool belt can be a perfect gift for them. It comes with multiple pockets to hold tools as well as an adjustable strap for comfort.

39. Personalized Bracelets

A pair of personalized leather bracelets can be ideal for both of you to wear frequently or occasionally. You can also engrave your initials, the date and a message on them. These are also adjustable to fit both your wrists perfectly. You can also pick colors of your choice.

Wrapping Up

Those were some lovely gifts for an upcoming leather anniversary. All that’s left for you to do now is pick one (or more) and present them to your loved one on your special day. Enjoy and make it a great occasion!