37 Hippie Gifts That Every Flower Child Will Love


Hippies are independent, free-spirited souls who prefer to be as away from the

mainstream as possible. So, surely your gift to them can’t just be a basic sweatshirt or coffee mug. It has to reflect the colorful spirit of the gift recipient. If you’re looking for the ideal hippie gift, this list has got you covered.

Starter Kombucha Making Kit


Leading a simple, natural life has been a huge part of hippie culture. A kombucha drink has a lot of proven health benefits but can be expensive to buy each day. This kombucha kit, complete with instructions, has everything necessary for one to brew their own kombucha right at home. It can be an excellent gift for those who like to lead a healthy life.

Hippie-Themed Stickers


For a more stylish friend, this set of 50 hippie-themed stickers can be a lovely gift. These colorful and vibrant stickers are waterproof and don’t fade in the sun. So they can be used on just about anything, like backpacks, skateboards, bikes, bicycles or laptops. The possibilities are endless!

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


This beautiful yoga mat is everything a hippie would need! The stunning granite microfiber surface comes with a rubber base for extra grip. Not only is this yoga mat functional and good looking, but it is also biodegradable, handmade and washing machine friendly! It needs very low maintenance, making it a wonderful gift for your yogi friend.

Tie-Dye Reusable Face Mask


Hippie culture and tie-dye clothing are quite synonymous worldwide. And now, the tie-dye trend from the 60s is back and bigger than ever! While the tie-dye t-shirts, blouses and harem pants are still trendy, with the pandemic still on, these tie-dye masks can make quite a style statement. There are multiple colors to choose from, and each mask is handmade with 100% cotton material.

Incense Stick Holder


Here’s one for the incense lover. An incense holder is decorated with symbols of the seven chakras. It’s a great addition to any room and is ideal to use during yoga and meditation. The holder is handcrafted by traditional Indian artisans and works with most of the standard incense stick and cone sizes.

Odor Exterminating Candle


This jar candle is perfect for eliminating smoke and odors from any room. Made with paraffin and soy blend wax, this 13 oz candle burns for almost 70 hours. It has a special enzyme formulation that removes smoke and odors and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance. The candle can take care of pesky odors caused by pets as well.

Bath and Body Set


This hemp seed soap and shampoo bar set comes in an eco-friendly plastic-free box that is sure to please any nature lover. The products are vegan, biodegradable and free of artificial fragrances. You can even have it gift wrapped and shipped to your friend along with a personal message.

Floor Pouf for Yoga


You can’t go wrong with this gift! It’s a handmade floor pouf filled with organic buckwheat hulls that can be used as a meditation pillow for yoga as well. It can be a great addition to a home or yoga studio. The buckwheat filler is air cleaned, making it naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The seller provides customizations as well, so you can choose among various colors and sizes.

Retro Throw Blanket


This beautiful blanket with an attractive design can be the right gift for your hippie friend. This blanket is machine-washable and 100% resistant to wrinkling and shrinking, making it very low maintenance. The bright, vibrant blanket also dons a retro van motif to add more spunk. What’s more? It’s also reversible, with soft velvet on one side and plush fleece on the other!

Surfboard Decor Piece


This surfboard can be a vibrant decor piece for a hippie home. The bright yellow lends a beachy, summer vibe to any space and the van print adds to the retro feel. You can choose from three sizes and send it gift-wrapped directly to the recipient! Each surfboard is lovingly handcrafted and comes with fixtures on the back for wall mounting.

Crystals Clusters


Hippies believe in the powers of the beautiful things found in nature. These natural, hand-sorted gemstones and crystal clusters are not just a decor piece, but also believed to have healing powers and stress-relieving powers. For someone who likes to explore metaphysical healing, these crystal sets are an amazing gift.

Good Vibes Gift Box


Gift boxes are perfect for when you have no clear idea for gifting options. They come with an assortment of items for a reasonable price, making them ideal as a grab-and-go gift. This gift box is designed for a hippie soul, with some natural and eco-friendly items. You can choose from four different boxes, each with a unique theme.

Energy Cleansing Bundle


For one who would like to keep bad vibes away, this energy cleansing smudge kit can be the ideal gift. This cleansing bundle includes palo santo (holy wood), selenite, dried larkspur and a beautiful amethyst cluster. While each of these has its own benefits, the combination is designed to bring in peaceful energy and good vibes.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


These tea light candle holders are a wonderful decor piece that can add to the beauty of any home. The pinkish-red salt crystals are mined and chipped from the Himalayas and are known to have air-purifying properties and can create a spa-like feel in any room.

Himalayan Salt Night Light


With all the benefits of Himalayan salt, it’s not surprising to see more lovely products that also double as decor. This electric lamp comes with two extra bulbs and a switch to regulate the brightness of the lamp. It looks and works great as a bedside night lamp. The heat from the bulb also activates the salt’s air-purifying properties.

Portable Stove


A portable stove is a lovely gift for a camper at heart. This sturdy stainless steel camping stove can be easily set up anywhere and be fuelled by natural kindling like pinecones, leaves, wood and twigs. It is easily collapsible and lightweight and can be taken along on any camping or backpacking trip!

Foldable Hunting Knife


The camper might also appreciate this foldable hunting knife that comes in a genuine leather sheath. These knives are made of premium materials making them long-lasting, tough and durable.

Moon Lamp


Here’s an LED light bulb that is sure to please just about anyone! This 3D-printed lamp is made to resemble the moon, with some lovely textures simulating the moon’s surface. The lamp can be rechargeable and the light intensity can be easily changed by just a gentle tap on the moon.

Boho Bracelet


This beautiful unisex bracelet a great eye-catcher and can be worn with any outfit. The material is 100% cotton and the size can be adjusted to fit just about anyone. It has a lovely Aztec print that’s vibrant and colorful.

Stylish Wrist Wallet


These fashionable cuff bracelets double as wallets to safely carry keys, credit cards or money. They are handmade with fabric and have a secret pocket on the inner side to comfortably stash your personal belongings.

VW Bus Toilet Bag


The Volkswagen Type 2 van was famously known as the ‘hippie van’ back in the 60s. These vans gained popularity among the hippies as a large group of people could travel comfortably in them. A lot of household items come with prints of this van, but this unique toiletries holder comes in the shape of one!

Boho Psychedelic Headband


This headband is a great hair accessory for the summer. Every headband has a unique, flowery pattern due to the tie-dye technique. These are perfect to wear at parties, music festivals, or just when you’re out and about! It is stretchy enough to cover your entire head or you can scrunch it for a thinner hairband look.

Macrame Curtain


This macrame curtain can be used as a curtain for a window or doorway and lends a unique look to any room. It can be the perfect gift for a hippie household and can also be used as photo backdrops for backyard parties or get-togethers.

Lennon-Esque Glasses


These gorgeous circular framed hippie glasses look great on anyone, especially when paired with some boho/hippie outfits. Popularized by John Lennon in the 60s, they continue to make a statement to this day. This set of 18 pairs of round sunglasses can raise the style of the wearer every single day!

Indoor Herb Garden


This in-home garden system can grow up to 9 plants at a time, which can grow up to 24” tall. The kit comes with all the necessary items to set it up including 9 seed kits for various herbs. The system is completely automated and will even remind the owner when the plants need more water or plant food.

Vintage Travel Backpack


A beautifully embroidered backpack is so versatile and can be worn on various occasions. The backpacks are handmade by women from low-income households and the material for each backpack is carefully selected cotton canvas.

Mandala Comforter Set


This boho-inspired comforter set has an intricate mandala design printed on it. Every item in this set is soft, durable and machine-washable. This simple gift can make quite an eye-catching statement in any bedroom.

Aromatherapy Oils


Aromatherapy is a wonderful holistic treatment that uses natural fragrances to promote mental wellbeing. This set of three essential oils have the perfect blend for grounding yourself. The fragrances are made of all-natural ingredients and once finished, the bottles can be reused for other purposes.

Aromatherapy Hand and Body Lotion


For more aromatherapy gifts, check out this hand and body lotion with an earthy fragrance. It contains patchouli essential oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil. The lotion gets absorbed well by the skin and hydrates and moisturizes the skin without leaving any greasy residue.

Bohemian Wall Tapestry


A fun and vibrant tapestry can transform any wall into an accent wall. This mandala tapestry is great as wall hangings, beach/picnic blankets, table cloths, bedspreads and pretty much anything you want it to be!

Moon Phase Wall Hanging


This moon phase wall hanging is a more elegant, yet hippie, decor piece. The wall hanging is made of metal moon cut-outs and a metal chain with an overall gold finish. It comes with all of the hooks and accessories necessary to install it onto any wall and be a statement piece in the room.

Chakra Necklace


This necklace is handmade with 108 beads representing the seven chakras. It is excellent for meditation and focusing on each chakra stone during the meditation process can improve your energy guides to the respective chakra in your body. While not in use, these can also be an excellent decor piece.

Chakra Suncatcher


Suncatcher pendants bring some great light and shadow elements into the home throughout the day. This unique suncatcher has seven beads for each chakra and makes a pretty little rainbow. Each suncatcher is individually handmade and designed and comes with a pouch for gift giving.

Vibrant Socks


The fun and vibrant socks are a great gift and can be gifted to anyone. One size fits most, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this one. The colorful print is really reminiscent of the hippie movement from the 60s. It’s a great functional gift with a lovely, thoughtful design. After all, who doesn’t love some comfy socks?

Ethnic Yoga Shirt


This long-sleeved shirt fits perfectly into the hippie aesthetic. The shirt has a unique mandarin collar and an ‘aum’ motif at the front. The 100% cotton shirt is really comfortable and soft. It can be worn on any occasion and is also perfect for vacations. It is also great for leisure activities like yoga and meditation.

Hippie-themed Wind Chime


This pretty wind chime is hippie-themed and really colorful. The designs are very retro and can make a great addition to a home. The charms are made of metal and make an elegant clinking sound with the wind. The colors and sounds will surely add that little bit of quirk that you need.

Hippie-themed Key Chain


A handmade keychain is always a great and thoughtful gift. This keychain has a lot of metal charms with a metal tag that says ‘Stay trippy little hippie’. The seller also lets you personalize the key chain with an initial charm and even pick the color for the heart charm. Every single keychain is made with love and will surely last a long, long time.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set


Tibetan singing bowls can produce beautiful music that will harmonize the energy around you. The kit comes with a bowl, a wooden mallet and a hand-sewn cushion that can be used for meditation, yoga and healing purposes. It also has seven chakra stones that come in their own protective pouch. These chakra crystals are used to attune the body’s chakras with the universe and cleanse the aura around you.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt


Hippie style is incomplete without tie-dye. These bright pastel t-shirts will surely bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face. Each t-shirt is individually handmade, so no two t-shirts are exactly alike. They are made of 100% cotton and come in various sizes ranging from kids to adults. These vibrant t-shirts are very eye-catching and can be paired with any outfit to make a statement.

Patchouli Candle


Patchouli is very closely associated with the 60s and off late patchouli essential oil has made a huge comeback. This handmade candle is made of soy wax which is not harmful, unlike paraffin wax. It has a very earthy scent with patchouli, clove and cedarwood. The candle comes in a cute little mason jar and is perfect for gift giving. You can even choose to add a personalized message on the label!

Owl Shawl


A scarf is a perfect accessory that can go on most bohemian outfits. This particular shawl is available in silk cashmere or silk satin and has a beautiful owl print to add to the hippie aesthetic. This can be the ideal gift for someone who loves nature walks. When stretched out, it can even resemble wings on the wearer!

Final Note

All in all, it’s not tough to find some amazing hippie gifts online. The list above will surely help you find the perfect gift for your hippie friend and if not, at least give you an idea of what you should be on the lookout for. Look for earthy, eco-friendly and colorful gifts and you can’t go wrong!