37 Hilarious Insult Gifts for Those With a Wicked Sense of Humor

If you know someone who has a potty mouth, first of all, you lucked out. It’s really easy to get them a gag gift. And if you weren’t sure where to start, here’s a whole list of things they will absolutely love. Take a look.

#1 Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a simple enough gift but what’s written on it is what makes it special. If the person you’re going to give a gift to has a literary penchant, this is the one for them.

#2 Shakespeare Insults Gift Poster

If coffee mugs just won’t cut it (for some reason), here’s a poster of Shakespearean insults. It is memorable, works for people of all ages (well, mostly) and is perfect for any occasion. The poster also shows them you can move on from the predictable gift items.

#3 Candy Hearts Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set

For those with a love for the culinary arts, a cookie cutter in the shape of hearts is cute, right? Well, throw in a couple of expletives and it goes from cute to perfect. It’s also a great gift for Valentine’s Day for those who are boycotting it but want to do something on the special corporate drab holiday anyway.

#4 Impression Toaster with Morning Insults Plates

If you love your breakfast with a kick, you can do that with more than a cup of coffee. This is called The Angry Toaster and comes with two removable plates. What makes it unique is the plates with pictures toasted right on. It has two extra-wide slots and a magnetic clip for the plates.

#5 Apron for Men

Nothing says you love them like an apron that tells them just that. And if you’re worried about kids learning the bad words, you can always hide behind wordplay. This is for those who love that, cooking and Star Wars.

#6 Kipi Toys Funny Party Abusive Balloons

Let everyone at the party know that they’re in for a treat. This is a set of 24 party balloons that shows nothing but “love” for the entire gathering. They come in six colors and yes, they’re a little abusive. Make sure everyone knows that and you’re good to go. It’s also a great conversation starter if you’re stuck with the most boring party guest.

#7 Obscenities, Insults and Swear Words Themed Kit for Refrigerator Poems

Up your swear game with this box of word wicket poetry tiles that has more than 100 commonly-used connecting words. It’s so good that it’s actually not a gift for children. Sample this: there are seven F words and a ton of other four-letter swear words that will have you in splits. No way more crafty than this to get someone to zip it.

#8 Custom Sweary Lighter Stickers

Your smoker buddies will appreciate it. And if they don’t like swear words, maybe it’s a good way to get them to look away from them ciggies. These are hilarious stickers printed on glossy vinyl and can be personalized too. You can order lighters too but that will, as you’d expect, cost extra.

#9 Sweary Chocolate Bar Wrapper

For some occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Friendship Day and Valentine’s Day, chocolates are a predictable gift. They kind of suit the occasion too. But if you don’t want to be boring, here’s a gift with a twist. This is a glossy chocolate bar wrapper printed on glossy paper. Any bar from 80-120 grams will fit snugly in it and is guaranteed to make the receiver of the gift chuckle. You’ll have to buy the chocolates though.

#10 Funny World’s Greatest Shit Stirrer Wooden Spoon

If you didn’t want to go full-blown toaster insults for a buddy, here’s a smaller item. It’s a wooden spoon that works well with the ingredients of almost any recipe. It’s also a tribute to Game of Thrones fans, because, shame!

And if you order in bulk, you might even get a discount. Make sure you check out the shipping details before placing the order. It depends on where you are ordering from and what time of the year it is.

#11 Funny Novelty Swearing Stationery

This is a set of pens with some really great insults on each of them. They are high-quality pens and no, they are not exactly a great gift for your boss. But if you can pull it off as a hoke, these five ball-point pens are a delicious little treat.

#12 Customizable Insult Vulgar Display Plates

If you are ready to get down and dirty with the insults and are not afraid to show it off, good for you. And if there is another person on this planet who resonates those exact sentiments, here’s a chip off the old block. This is a display plate with a customizable insult right in the middle. The plates are fragile and cannot be placed in a dishwasher or microwave. The words may be harsh but the plate is sensitive, you guys.

#13 Pair of Twat Socks

If you like your insults hidden, nothing like putting them on a pair of socks and tucking them into your pants. This is a pair of comfy cotton black socks in a range of sizes. If you order in bulk, you might get a discount. So, make up your mind if you want to get matching socks with your best bud. It could be your inside joke.

#14 I Fucking Hate People Fridge Magnet

Nothing says get away from me like a fridge magnet with a loud expletive expressing your hatred for mankind. This rainbow cat does exactly that. And if you think that might be too much, you can always blame it on the cat. They do have humans. It’s a 3D printed magnet that is about 70 mm tall and they are called rainbow cats because these items come in seven colors.

#15 Offensive Valentine’s Gift

Brits and Aussies love the C-word. They used it like the rest of us use the B-word. If you know someone who might appreciate that sentiment, here’s a lovely Valentine’s Day (although it works for any occasion) memory waiting to be made. This is a handmade wooden keepsake that measures 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 mm.

#16 Met Some Pr*cks In My Time Mug

Why is there a second mug on the list? Well, because the rest of us mere mortals who are not ready for Shakespeare before the first cup of coffee need something too. And this is a good one because it tells you that there is no need for vulgarities to be insulting. In fact, that’s good writing. Gift this one to someone who can appreciate that.

#17 Adult Humour Coaster Gift

But then again, nothing beats the simplicity of this one. Give it to anyone who can appreciate the C-word and, of course, needs a coaster. It is high quality, measures 90 x 90 mm and is glossy on the surface. It’s a rude one but at least it’s easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth.

#18 Offensive Message Candle

Hey, you came here looking for insult gifts. So here’s another one. If you know someone who makes bad dating choices, maybe they’ll like this soy wax candle with a special reminder on it. It’s funny and is in a hexagon-shaped glass jar. It fits about eight ounces of wax and measures 70.5 mm diameter and is almost 90 mm tall.

#19 Vulgar Tea Cup

Ordinarily, people put a ring at the bottom of a champagne glass when they want to pop the question. But if you know someone who is getting ready for that big moment but hates the predictability of that whole champagne thing, here’s a novel idea. Let the message be at the bottom of the cup and while the target is distracted, your buddy can get on their knees. It’s a handmade vintage teacup that says “Santé Bitch” at the bottom.

#20 Funny Lip Balm

Who said lip balms can’t be funny? This one has a white label which might look stale but can spice things up with a trippy message that’ll make the person using it chuckle every time they reach for their chapstick. You can pick flavors and match them with an appropriate (well!) message. They are made of flavoring oils, beeswax and no artificial colors.

#21 Handmade Funny Swear Word Keyring

A keyring can be a fairly boring gift. But not if you threw in a couple of swear words on the inscription on top. Here’s exhibit A. It’s got a great message and comes with an Organza gift bag too. It’s the least you can do with the best possible outcome.

#22 Funny Animal Quote Dictionary Page Wall Art

This is the one way to get someone who hates newspapers and dictionaries to read a page. This is wall art that is designed after a vintage dictionary page. It’s an original dictionary page from the 1930s but with a loving message that hits you in your face. There’s no escaping the text on this frame that measures 7.5 x 10.5 inches.

#23 Hand Insult Pins

People often wear pins to show solidarity with a cause. If not giving two hoots about anything or anyone is your message then this is the one to buy. It is an illustration on plexiglass and you can get it in the form of earrings and keyrings too. You know, for those who like a subtle message.

#24 Slut Eye Mask

But if you like your message to be heard loud and clear, here’s an eye mask that will do exactly that. It is made of heat transfer vinyl so it’s not just for show. This is a personalized eye mask with a giant profanity right in your face. The text is in gold color and is a great novelty gift item for any occasion.

#25 Floral Swears Enamel Pin

For those special occasions when you need to tell people to get away from you, this is an enamel pin which delivers the message with the right amount of drama. It is cute, aesthetically pleasing and measures 25 x 35 mm.

#26 PoppysGoodyBoxes Insult Gift Box

It’s a sweet-looking gift box that is filled with chocolates. It has an inscription that sounds like an insult but it’s not. So, what’s the point? Well, why miss an opportunity to call someone an idiot. But that’s just an example. The message is customizable. And the makers are eco-friendly so the idea is to use recycled cardboard boxes for your gifts.

#27 Insulted Statement Ring

You’ve seen rings with the till death do us part inscription but sometimes you want to just get real. So here’s a ring with the F-word written on it. It’s pretty much the shape of the ring so you can’t miss it. It’s affordable and no nonsense too.

#28 Hilarious Bad Parking Cards

This is a good one for bad drivers. It’s a set of 200 bad parking cards that you can be left wherever you want when you can’t keep the road rage in any longer. Or you could just make a party game out of it and get it all out inside the house and save yourself an altercation on the road. They look like business cards and are made of durable paper.

#29 Nose in My Business T-shirt

A great way to let that nosy family member know they are bothering you. This is a unisex t-shirt because we know nosiness has no gender and it comes it many sizes. It’s a cotton imported t-shirt that must be washed cold in the machine.

#30 Soccer Mom Flask

Parenting is hard and moms get judged way too much. Watch A Bad Moms Christmas (starring the power trio Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) if you’re not convinced. And once you are, you will know that the best way to compliment her is to let her make this statement to the world without actually saying it. She’ll appreciate this.

#31 Funny Happy Birthday Card

Any Gordon Ramsey fans in the house? Yeah? Then check out this guy. It’s a cool birthday card for someone who is into the art of cooking and giving feedback like the master chef. It’s printed on a thick 300 gsm card and is A5 size. You can add your own message inside.

#32 BoredKoalas Swear Throw Pillow

We’d like to call this one the soft blow. You get to spell it out but also offer comfort while suckerpunching your buddy with this gag gift. It’s a throw pillow with the f-word written in a generously huge font. It is 100 percent spun polyester and is a gift for all occasions.

#33 Little Blue Pill Impotence Medication Insult

This is an air freshener that works both ways. It’s for those who get too much action and even those who get none at all. No matter what the situation, their car can still smell daisy fresh. The picture is on both sides so they can’t hide it and it comes with the ribbon. It measures 3.9 x 2.73 inches and can be filled with your own fragrance oils once the original smell starts to fade (which will happen in only a few days).

#34 Ball Bag Definition Print

Whether they are the ball bag of the family or the North Star, this one works well if you’re just looking to pull someone’s leg. And it’s classy too. It’s a handmade print from Ireland that is A4 size and works for any occasion.

#35 Token-Shaped Glossy Rude Insults

If one insult is just not good enough, here’s a bunch of stickers that you can gift anyone. They come in bright colors so no one is going to miss the text and they come in three layers so that the insults don’t fade away for a long time.

#36 Sarcasm Quote Tea Towel Dish Cloth

If you’re trying to insult your target while being useful, here’s a dish cloth that will do the job for you. It’s a cotton towel which is made in the UK. So, check out the shipping periods before placing the order.

#37 Rude Coffee Stencil

If you know someone who is obsessed with painting the town with the F-word, it’s time you helped them do it in style. This stencil will do precisely that. And they will love you for it. It’s a simple, thoughtful and highly effective gift item.

Wrapping Up

The best gifts in the world come with a message that is from the heart. And nothing says “I love you” like an item wrapped in utter profanity. If that’s your style, you’d have definitely picked something from this list.