33 Gifts For Boaters to Sail-ebrate Life

Do you have a boater friend or family member that you want to celebrate and appreciate on their special day? If you have a hard time picking a gift for them, don’t worry! There are loads of options in the market, some of which we have curated and compiled in this list.

You can go through these and then pick whichever option floats your boat. Let’s dive in!

1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be an excellent gift for a boater, allowing them to carry it while they are out in their boat with some good music by their side. This speaker comes with a clasp that they can use to hang the speaker from a rod so that it doesn’t get lost at sea.

2. LED Flashlight Gloves

If you know a boater who tends to go out in their boat in the dark quite frequently, then these LED flashlight gloves might be a perfect choice. They have LED lights on both index fingers and thumbs. Made from polyester, these gloves can also be comfortable and warm options. They come with installed batteries as well.

3. 6-Pack Storage Straps

While small, these storage straps can be useful gifts for boaters. Boaters can use these straps to securely hold ropes, hoses, extension cords and more. There are six storage straps included in a single pack. They also come in different sizes and are made from polypropylene, making them water and weatherproof. They can close up with a Velcro strap.

4. Garmin Fish Finder

If you know boaters who go out frequently for fishing, then gifting them a fish finder might be a great idea. It comes with a sonar that scans the region around the boat and brings back an image of the fish and other objects present. There are several buttons that boaters can use to change settings.

5. Inflatable Boat

Given that you have a big enough budget, an inflatable boat can make a fun gift for a boater that they can use to go out with their friends or family. This boat can comfortably seat five people and carry 1,300 pounds of weight. It comes with fishing rod holders and a pouch to hold fishing gear.

6. Cup Holders

It can be difficult to keep cups, bottles or glasses in place while one is aboard a boat. Thus, cup holders can make functional gifts for boaters that they can attach to a part of the boat using the sturdy built-in clamps. The two holders can securely keep the cups in place. These holders can also resist harsh weather.

7. Floating Dry Bag

Such floating dry bags are ideal for storage while being out on a boat as they are waterproof and can float on water in case they fall over. You can choose from 10 or 20-liter sizes. Made from PVC, these bags can resist harsh weather conditions as well. There is also an outer pocket along with a buckle and carry belt.

8. Couch Throw Blanket

A throw blanket can be a great gift for boaters as it can be used for warmth and decoration in their houses or even on boats. With multiple anchor graphics on the blanket, this blanket can fit the theme quite well. It is plush and made using microfiber while also being soft and free of wrinkles.

9. 2-in-1 Lantern and Charger

A 2-in-1 lantern and charger can work perfectly as gifts for boaters as they can provide power on a boat in the middle of nowhere. One can charge the lantern using solar power or through a USB. It has bright LED lighting as well as a port that one can connect phone chargers to.

10. Boat Erasers

Boat erasers can make convenient accessories for boaters to have around them to make cleaning much more efficient and simpler. They can be used on most kinds of surfaces on a boat. There are three erasers included in a pack, each of which is durable without any toxic chemicals.

11. Floating Keychain

Boaters need durable keychains to take care of their keys and keep them in a single place. You can thus give them these keychains that can hold up to six keys. They can also float on water in case they fall over while on the boat. There are two keychains included in this purchase.

12. Storage Basket

This storage basket can be practical for boaters as they can carry food, snacks, phones, chargers and other kinds of equipment in it. Made from linen and cotton, this basket is waterproof and has anchor graphics on it. Boaters can also keep it inside their house for storage. You can fill it in with some small goodies as well!

13. Whiskey Decanter

A whiskey decanter can be a useful and elegant gift for boaters. This particular decanter has a ship inside it that has intricate details on it. Two whiskey glasses are also included that are made using crystal glass, much like the decanter itself. A tap to pour out the whiskey makes the structure more functional as well.

14. Boat Hook

This boat hook includes an extending pole that boaters can use for telescoping or fishing. It is made from aluminum while the hook is made from nylon that boaters can use to securely attach to the boat. This can make a practical gift for boaters as it is also durable.

15. Prism Monocular

This monocular can help boaters to gaze out into the distance with clarity. It can magnify up to a distance that is 12 times further away from the boat. The lens can also allow sufficient light without getting damaged. A smartphone holder on this monocular can make things even more convenient.

16. Nautical Wall Decor

These three wooden frames can make excellent gifts for boaters to hang in their houses or boats. With each of them having a nautical 3D structure resting on pastel blue-painted wood and a white frame, these frames can brighten up a room well. It comes in a well-packed box, making it ready for gifting.

17. Boating Joke T-Shirt

If you want to be cheeky, you can gift a boater this t-shirt to make them laugh. Docking a boat is a difficult task and this t-shirt can act as a teasing reminder. It comes in several dark colors and sizes while allowing you to choose a design for either men or women.

18. Knots Coffee Mug

A knots coffee mug can make an interesting gift for boaters who should ideally have some sort of knowledge about tying different kinds of knots, even if they boat on a casual basis. This mug has knot instructions that they can practice with the included rope and cleat handle, all while sipping on their drink.

19. Wooden Anchor Coasters

These elegant and rich rosewood coasters come in a pack of six inside an outer wooden open box. With brass nautical anchor graphics on each coaster, you can show your appreciation for a boater in your life. They can also last them for a long time whether they use them at home or on their boat.

20. Nautical Cheese Board Set

Made from hardwood, this cheese board set can make a unique and practical gift for boaters. Since it comes in the shape of the wheel of a boat or ship with knives and forks adding to this appearance, boaters will certainly appreciate this kind of gift. They can even carry it out to their boat to turn it into a picnic with friends or family.

21. Engraved Compass

A beautiful brass cover opens up this compass to reveal an inspirational quote that can make boaters happy. The other side has a helpful glass-covered compass that can guide boaters during their journey. The compass comes inside a rich brown leather case and keyring that can be a perfect gift.

22. 10-in-1 Tool

There’s nothing quite like a practical gift that can serve multiple purposes. Made from a durable case with a blue color, this tool can serve ten different purposes including a wrench, cutter, bottle opener, cap key, snap opener, hole crank, whistle and more. It also comes with a mounting clip.

23. Boat Salt and Pepper Shaker

A fun and quirky gift, this salt and pepper shaker comes in the shape of a sail resting on a boat-shaped surface. The shakers are made from ceramic while the boat structure is wooden. This gift can serve a practical purpose while also being eye catching.

24. Wine Carrier with Glasses

You can gift this to boaters so that they can conveniently carry wine inside the insulated bag along with some other objects as well. The bag also comes with two wine glasses. Your friends or family can then enjoy a nice day out on the boat with a cool drink ready at hand. The bag is also waterproof, making it perfect for a boat.

25. Captain and First Mate Gift Set

If you know a boating couple that regularly goes out in their boat, then this gift can be ideal for them. The set comes with matching captain and first mate caps as well as can and bottle coolers. This can help them out by keeping them as well as their drinks cool on their next day out on the boat.

26. Customized Cutting Board

A sturdy and environmentally friendly chopping board is perfect for boaters who also love to cook. Made from bamboo, this board can withstand heavier food as well. You can further customize this by adding the name of the boater’s boat to make it even more special. A paddle-shaped option is also available.

27. Boat Dish Server

A brilliant idea that makes use of a ceramic boat-shaped bowl to serve food in, this gift is bound to make a boater exceptionally happy. It comes with a bamboo paddle-shaped scooping spoon and an anchor-shaped charm. The bowl has a capacity of 12 ounces.

28. 3D Pop-Up Card

Keep it simple and classic with this pop-up card that is blue on the outside and opens up to reveal a 3D pop-up ship with several intricate details. You can also write your message around this boat to personalize it even more. This card comes with an envelope to complete the package.

29. The Boater’s Cookbook

If you know a boater that is about to embark on a days-long journey on a boat, yacht or ship, then this cookbook can help them get through it with simple recipes they can make on a boat of any kind. Along with recipes, the book also includes instructions on what to carry and how to go about cooking on the boat.

30. Nautical Home Decor

If your boater can’t go their boat, bring the boat to them! This mirror is made from aluminum and has a nautical frame around it. The person you gift this to can hang it wherever they want in their house to create a boat-like vibe. This piece is also handmade, making it even more special.

31. Customized Knife

A knife can be useful for boaters in case they need to cut a rope or anything else while they are on their boat. The blade of this knife is made from stainless steel to ensure efficiency and durability whereas the cover is made from elegant rosewood. It comes with an anchor illustration on it along with an option to customize it with the boat name.

32. Funny Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug is a simple but fun gift for boaters. It can be a humorous way to poke some respectful fun at a boater for their interest since it includes a message about their love for boats. It has a capacity of 11 ounces.

33. Captain’s Log Book

A captain’s log book can be a great gift that can help your boater friend or family member stay on track and organized. It is hardbound and includes a pen holder along with a ribbon to bookmark the page. It has several categories on each page that the boater can then fill out on their journeys.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of this list. Hopefully, you were able to find something perfect for your boater friend or family member from here. You can now go ahead and make a boater’s day by telling them to keep rowing on!