47 Awesome Dinosaur Gifts For Dino-Lovers

Dinosaurs may be extinct but they are some of the most intriguing species for children and adults alike. Children often find dinosaurs very exciting and many adults are also passionate about dinosaurs.

If you have a dinosaur lover in your life, don’t think twice and go ahead and pamper them with these awesome and unique dinosaur gifts. Here are 47 dinosaur gift ideas to suit any special occasion.

1. Dinosaur Squad Throw Blanket with Stuffed Dinosaur

If a child is passionate about dinosaurs then he or she will love this warm and comforting blanket. This soft and fuzzy blanket has an adorable print of blue and yellow silhouettes of different dinosaurs. It will be perfect for cozying up for a road trip or a family game night.

The dinosaur blanket also comes with a cute stuffed dinosaur. Any child would love to be tucked inside this blanket while cuddling with this soft and colorful dinosaur friend!

2. Dinosaur Coloring Toy with Story Book

This dinosaur plush toy is not just a gift but also a fun activity that will help any child have the time of their life! Three washable colorful markers come with the gift and you can use them to color and decorate the T-Rex dinosaur toy.

Along with the toy and the markers, this gift set also comes with a fun and easy dinosaur storybook to read with your little one.

3. Dinosaur Figures with Sound Book

This dinosaur gift is as educational as it is fun. The dinosaur toy set from Olefun contains 12 realistic dinosaur action figures. The figures are hand painted without any toxic substances and are completely safe for small children to play with.

The figures come with an interactive sound book that will help your child learn about the different names of dinosaurs. Children will love being immersed in the sounds of dinosaur roars as they play with the toys.

4. Dinosaur Lamp

This dinosaur projector lamp from Hongid is an extremely unique and exciting gift that will be loved by any dinosaur lover. Use this lamp to project different kinds of dinosaurs on the walls of your child’s room. Surrounded by these cool animals, any child will drift away to adventurous dreams!

5. Take Apart Dinosaur Toy

If you know a child who loves dinosaurs, chances are that he or she is also interested in the sciences! This gift is a great way to help a child explore his or her love for STEM fields as it can be taken apart and built again on your own. The gift set comes with an electric drill to help with the construction process.

6. Dinosaur Pull Back Cars

Pull-back cars are a classic gift for young kids and this set of five pull-back cars comes in a cool dinosaur theme. This simple toy does not need any battery and is easy to operate for kids of small ages as well. Each of the six cars is designed after a different dinosaur species.

7. Dinosaur 3D Night Light

This 3D dinosaur-shaped night light is an excellent way to help your child sleep without being scared. This light is child-free and you can change it to have seven different colors. Not only will it create a calming environment but any kid will also be excited to have this realistic dinosaur lit up on his or her bedside table!

8. Dinosaur Egg Digging Kit

This educational toy will make the receiver feel like a real archaeologist digging up dinosaurs! The set comes with an egg that needs to be dug up. Inside it, there are various dinosaur figures. There are also identifying cards that will provide information about the different kinds of dinosaurs.

9. Dinosaur 12 Egg Kit

This toy set is another version of the dinosaur egg digging kit. However, this one comes with 12 small dinosaur eggs, each with its own small dinosaur inside. This is a great gift if you know it is going to be shared by multiple kids. It will make a great activity for kids to play and learn together from.

10. National Geographic Fossil Kit

This fossil digging kit from National Geographic is extremely realistic and will be a great educational activity for slightly older kids with a serious interest in dinosaurs and prehistoric remains. Kids can use this gift to dig up realistic dinosaur teeth and bones and learn more about paleontology.

11. Dinosaur LEGO Set

LEGO sets are always a great gift for children of a variety of ages. This dinosaur LEGO set lets you build three different kinds of dinosaurs from scratch. Children will find it extremely enjoyable to figure out how to build these fascinating animals all on their own.

The set also includes many fun and exciting dinosaur accessories such as colorful eyes and claws.

12. Dinosaur Car Track

This dinosaur-themed race track from Homofy combines two of the biggest gift favorites, cars and dinosaurs. The set contains 142 pieces that you can use to build a complete car track straight out of Jurassic Park. The track is flexible and kids can get creative with it, along with the dinosaurs that can be placed anywhere.

13. Dinosaur Soap Making Kit

The Dinosaur Soap Lab is a great gift for children interested in science. It is not just a toy but an activity that will help them get crafty and creative while learning important scientific concepts. The set contains six dinosaur molds that can be used to make colorful soaps from scratch.

14. Dinosaur Backpack

If your child loves dinosaurs but hates school, this dinosaur backpack is the best gift you can get for him or her! This adorable backpack has a dinosaur plush toy attached to it and is perfect for toddlers to take to school. Children will feel like they are carrying their own little dinosaur with them.

15. Dinosaur Painting Kit

This dinosaur painting kit is perfect for kids who have a passion for dinosaurs and love getting artsy. The set comes with ten white dinosaur figurines along with paints and paintbrushes. Kids can paint the figurines realistically or unleash their creativity and go for a completely whacky art project.

16. Dinosaur Terrarium Kit

This dinosaur terrarium kit has the best of arts, crafts, science and dinosaurs! The set contains dinosaur figurines that you can paint as creatively as you wish along with many decorative elements such as lights and decorative rocks. Learning how to sow seeds for plants and taking care of them will also be an educational experience.

17. Dinosaur World Mat and Playset

This Dinosaur World building set will create an immersive experience for children. They can spend hours getting creative and setting up an entire world on the realistic mat. The dinosaur figures are realistic and this is perfect for story-building games!

18. Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

This unique Hatching Dinosaur egg toy will have any kid awe-struck and teach them valuable lessons about being responsible and caring. The set comes with four colorful eggs. All you need to do is put them in water and they will hatch in half a day.

19. Glow in the Dark Fuzzy Blanket

This lovely glow-in-the-dark dinosaur blanket will be an adorable addition to any parent’s nighttime routine with their child. The blanket is not just fuzzy and comfortable but it has dinosaurs printed all over it that glow in the dark!

20. Dinosaur LED Headlamp

This LED dinosaur headlamp from DinoBryte will be a perfect gift for kids who love dinosaurs and have a curious and adventurous personality. The headlamp will be helpful in their explorations of the outdoors. It can also be used as a reading light. The headlamp has buttons that make roaring dinosaur sounds too!

21. Dinosaur Light Up Water Bottle

The dinosaur lights up inside this water bottle to make sure kids remember to stay hydrated. This is the perfect gift for the new school year or the holidays. Kids will love to carry it around to school, on camping trips or to the playground. The colors of the light can be changed between seven options.

22. Guess in 10 Dinosaur Card Game

This card game is a great gift for children above the age of eight and can be played by the entire family. You have to guess the name of a deadly dinosaur based on the clues from ten questions. This gift is not just fun and games but will also be very educational for kids!

23. Dinosaur Bean Bag Toss Game

This dinosaur-themed bean bag toss game is a great portable gift that kids can play with indoors or outdoors. The game is perfect for toddlers and can be a great party game. It helps to develop crucial motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

24. Dinosaur Sprinkler Pool

This dinosaur sprinkler pool and splash pad will guarantee unlimited water parties for kids right at home. The size of the pool is enough for three to five toddlers or for parents to splash around with their kids together. It can be filled with water and used outdoors or you can fill it with balls to have fun indoors.

25. Dinosaur Foam Dart Gun

This dinosaur foam dart gun is a safe but exciting toy for young kids. It is a playful way for them to build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well. The set comes with two dinosaur-shaped guns and colorful foam darts.

26. Dinosaur Bubble Gun

Nothing creates joy amongst children of almost all ages like a simple bubble gun. This bubble gun comes in the shape of a dinosaur for the little dinosaur lover in your life and even lights up with colorful LED lights!

27. Lego Dinosaur Bag

This dinosaur bag from Lego is designed according to a Jurassic World theme and will be a super cool addition to any middle schooler’s wardrobe. Carrying this bag will no doubt get children excited to go to school and show it off to all their friends!

28. Dinosaur Outdoor Chair

If you know a family that loves to frequent the beach or spend their time in the backyard, this dinosaur outdoor chair will be a lovely gift for the kids. The chair doesn’t just have a cool dinosaur design but it is comfortable and has its own cup holder as well.

29. Dinosaur AR Globe

This unique dinosaur augmented reality game works with an accompanying app on any iPad or Android device. Point the camera of your device on the globe to be transported to prehistoric times and learn all about the dinosaurs around the world. The dinosaurs are all in 3D and have their own voices!

30. Realistic Jumbo Dinosaurs

These toys are for kids who are serious about their love for dinosaurs! These figures are well made and realistically designed and will help quench the curiosity of kids who really want to know more about these incredible creatures. The toys come in sets of five and are a great choice for party favors.

31. Dinosaur Fidget Toy

This colorful dinosaur fidget toy comes in sets of two and is an excellent gift for not just children but for anyone who struggles with anxiety, autism or stress. The toy creates a soothing sound and can help people relieve their symptoms by playing with it.

32. Dinosaur Mini-Waffle Maker

This adorable dinosaur waffle maker is a great gift for adults who like to cook fun things for their kids. The non-stick iron can be used to make waffles or pancakes in the shape of five different kinds of dinosaurs within five minutes. This gift will no doubt brighten the mornings of whoever receives it!

33. Dinosaur Bath Bombs

These dinosaur bath bombs will help you turn dreaded bath times into a fun and educational activity. All you need to do is drop the bombs in the bathtub. When they come into contact with water, they fizzle out to reveal a dinosaur which kids can then identify using the cards included in the set.

34. Dinosaur Fleece Bathrobe

This dinosaur bathrobe from Lego is designed according to a Jurassic World theme. This is a fun gift for any dinosaur fan and will help make bath time an enjoyable activity. Get matching bathrobes for your kid and his or her friends for a dinosaur-themed pool party!

35. Dinosaur Plush Toy

This adorable bright green dinosaur plush toy is a great gift for small kids who love stuffed animals. The toy is shaped like a sitting Triceratops. Besides the bright color, it has golden sparkly horns and feet and big bright eyes. The size of the toy is perfect for small kids who will be able to sit with it like a friend!

36. Dinosaur Kids Alarm Clock

This cute little dinosaur alarm clock from Wulisan is a lovely gift for kids who are learning to sleep on their own. The alarm clock comes with pleasant alarm tones and highly customizable settings. It functions as a soft night lamp as well.

37. Dinosaur Necklace

This dainty little dinosaur locket along with a necklace will be a sweet and thoughtful gift for teenagers as it combines the childlike fascination for dinosaurs with fashionable jewelry. The necklace comes in three options of silver, gold or brass plating.

38. Clay Dinosaur Set

This clay dinosaur set is a great gift for kids who love dinosaurs and like to engage in craft activities. The set has three dinosaur skeletons that can be used as molds and five colors of modeling clay. It is a toy that will help kids learn about dinosaurs while having fun.

39. Dinosaur Shooting Game

This fun dinosaur shooting game will be a great gift for kids to play with their friends or family. The game has two modes, static and moving. The dinosaur moves, makes dinosaur sounds and plays music. The game also keeps score automatically, making it perfect for parties and group activities.

40. Dinosaur Alphabet Toy

This dinosaur toy is a great gift for preschoolers and toddlers. The bright colors and entertaining sounds it makes are great for catching kids’ attention. The different buttons on the toy help kids learn the alphabet.

41. The Dinosaur Museum

This interactive and informative dinosaur book from National Geographic will be an excellent gift for children with a serious interest in dinosaurs and paleontology. The book will give an immersive tour of a natural history museum that will have kids fascinated for hours.

42. DIY Dinosaur Lamp

This DIY dinosaur lamp is a great activity for kids above the age of six. Kids can get creative and craft their own lamps by choosing their own stickers and colors. The result will be a lantern that can be used as a battery-powered night lamp.

43. Remote Control Dinosaur

Remote control toys are always mesmerizing for kids and this remote control dinosaur is no less. The dinosaur can not only walk around but can also perform stunts, shake its head and make realistic dinosaur sounds.

44. Quirky Dinosaur Socks

These adorable socks come with a colorful dinosaur print and will be a lovely addition to any kid’s wardrobe. These are especially excellent gifts for a group of children who would like to have matching dinosaur-themed socks.

45. Dinosaur Party Bags

These dinosaur party bags come in a set of 12 and are the perfect choice for giving out party favors or other small gifts for big groups of children. Fill the bag with other dinosaur-themed goodies to make exciting gift sets for all the dinosaur lovers. Each of the bags is designed around a different kind of dinosaur.

46. Dinosaur Party Favors Set

This huge set of dinosaur-themed party favors will have you sorted for any birthday party. This 64-piece set includes keychains, rubber rings, snap bracelets, foam masks and temporary tattoos, all fitting into the dinosaur theme!

47. Dinosaur Baking Set

This dinosaur baking set is an adorable gift for the little chef in your life. The set includes a dinosaur-themed apron, a chef hat, dinosaur-printed oven mittens, measuring spoons, cookie cutters shaped like dinosaurs, etc.

This will create a fun and safe environment to involve young children in baking activities along with adults.

Wrapping Up

Those were our 47 ideas for dinosaur gifts for children of all ages. You will find dinosaur gifts suited for all kinds of occasions and for children with all kinds of interests. Be it science, arts or crafts or simply playing around and dressing up, there is a dinosaur gift out there for every need!