29 Dallas Cowboys Gifts for Fans

If you know someone who is an avid supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, consider making their day by giving them a gift reflecting their love for the team. Whether it’s their birthday or the team has won a recent match, you can pick from one of the following options that we have compiled for you.

Let’s go right for the touchdown!

1. Printed Dallas Cowboys Fleece Throw Blanket

This fleece throw blanket can rest snugly while draped over a piece of furniture. With a rich blue color of the team and a clear print, this blanket is made from polyester and measures 50 inches in width and 60 inches in length. It can see your receiver through several cold days while also letting them show their support.

2. Dallas Cowboys Rawlings Football

This Cowboys football has a sleek design and a firm grip that can be used by both kids and adults alike. The logo is striking enough to leave no doubts about which team your receiver supports. Being official merchandise can assure you of its good quality with the team color molded proudly on it.

3. Dallas Cowboys Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag is handmade and functional. It can hold several objects inside it that can allow your recipient to carry it around to a match or simply for their daily commutes. It is made from polyester and also has a polyester lining, keeping the bag robust and durable enough.

4. Dallas Cowboys License Plate Frame

What better way to show one’s dedication and support than by decorating your car’s license plate with this Dallas Cowboys metal frame? It comes with a chrome finish and displays the team name visibly, making it a perfect gift for the fan in your life. It measures 12 inches in width and 6 inches in height.

5. Dallas Cowboys Foam Flip Flops

These foam flip flops not only come in the team’s original colors but can also offer comfortable household wear. It has a lustrous finish and is synthetic in its material. It can give good protection against slippery surfaces. You can pick your recipient’s size from the link and present this useful official merchandise to them.

6. Dallas Cowboys Unisex Lounge Robe

Silky and smooth to the touch, this unisex lounge robe has the Dallas Cowboys logo stitched onto it while the rest of it is the well-known blue color of the team. It comes with a belt that one can tie around the waist to offer an overall comfortable experience. With a single size, it can effectively fit anyone.

7. Dallas Cowboys Helmet Toy Blocks Set

Make your gift a fun activity that your friend or family member can carry out, especially if they enjoy this kind of block construction. This can work well for both kids and adults, creating a shared experience that can lead to this wonderful final product that they can proudly put on display just in time for the football season.

8. Dallas Cowboys Kitchen Knives

A functional and practical gift, a knife set adorned with the team colors and logo can work well, especially if your lucky gift recipient also enjoys cooking. There are five stainless steel knives in this set including a chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, paring knife and utility knife. Perfect for game night!

9. Dallas Cowboys 3-Piece BBQ Grill Set

Another great gift if your intended recipient enjoys hosting during game nights, this gift offers the complete 3-piece set with a spatula, fork and tongs. Two bottle openers are also provided with it to pop open the beer. The handles come with firm grips in that well-loved blue and name of the team.

10. Dallas Cowboys Polyester Strap with Bottle Opener

This polyester strap is silver and navy in color with the star and team name on it. It can be an excellent gift for someone who is not only a fan but also needs something to carry keys, ID cards, badges and more. The bottle opener at the top can add a nice practical touch to the gift.

11. Dallas Cowboys 16-Can Cooler Bag

This bag can hold nearly 16 cans of drinks along with a bit of ice as well. For game nights or post-game celebrations, one can conveniently carry this bag with some extra utensils while showing off their team. It can keep the drinks cool while also resisting odors and mold.

12. 3-Piece Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Kit

The two chairs and the table that are part of this kit are all foldable and convenient to set up to enjoy a game or evening out while snacking and sipping on a drink. The steel frames and polyester covers can offer a nice firmness to the structure while also being easy to carry around.

13. Dallas Cowboys Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you know a Dallas Cowboys fan who is always nursing a drink, whether that’s some hot coffee or a cold beverage, then this stainless steel tumbler can be ideal for them. Since it comes in a travel mug size, they can conveniently take it around with them while showing their support. The drinks can also retain their temperature for hours.

14. Dallas Cowboys Vinyl Car Mats

The Cowboys fan in your life can use these durable vinyl mats in their own car not only to show off their team but also to suitably catch all the dirt and scrapes from their shoes. It is made to fit cars or vehicles of all sizes and can easily be washed as well.

15. Dallas Cowboys Apron and Chef Hat

This gift can work well for the people in your life doubling as chefs (professional or amateur) and Cowboys fans. The simple design with the navy color and the team logo and name can speak volumes on its own. The apron also comes with a tie-around belt that can comfortably fit most people.

16. 5-Pack Dallas Cowboys Click Pens

A great gift for those who prefer the classic feel of pen on notepad! We’re all always looking for a stray pen, right? This can solve that problem immediately with the click pens making a quick process of jotting down something important. Who knows? The team logo could also strike up an interesting conversation!

17. Dallas Cowboys Chopping Board

This plastic chopping board has printed visuals of the team. It comes with a firm grip on the board along with a surface that is easy to wipe off and clean. It can be the perfect gift for those who cook frequently and an opportunity for them to show off their loyalty to their favorite team.

18. Dallas Cowboys Canvas Slip-On Shoes

These official canvas slip-on shoes come in several sizes that you can choose from to suit your recipient. They can be perfect for casual occasions such as a gathering or a live match. They have the team’s illustrations across their exterior while the interior has a canvas lining for comfort.

19. Dallas Cowboys Shot Glasses and Flask Set

An elegant stainless steel flask can fit snugly in any pocket and hold the drink of one’s choice. The shot glasses both have a capacity of 6 ounces each, perfect to take a celebratory shot after the team’s win. The navy star of the logo can add to the festivities perfectly while the screw cap can keep your drink safely inside the flask.

20. Dallas Cowboys Oven Mitt

Your friend or family member can now proudly display their loyalty to their team through this oven mitt that can also be helpful for dealing with that pizza in the oven during a game night gathering. Made from cotton, this oven mitt is heat resistant and can be washed in the machine.

21. Dallas Cowboys Branded Wallet

Wallets are universal and, well, one can never have enough of them. This engraved brown wallet can be perfect for a Cowboys fan, allowing them to store their cards, cash and game tickets safely. There are multiple pockets inside as well while also coming with a durable design.

22. Dallas Cowboys Rotating Helmet with LED Lighting

A rotating AND floating Dallas Cowboys helmet? Sounds and looks like a fascinating and modern gift that relies on electromagnetic force to keep its design. The LED lighting can further light up the helmet, making for a beautiful addition to someone’s collection. It works as a great showpiece too!

23. A Simple Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt

There’s nothing like a classic tee to show support. It’s also highly convenient because people always need more t-shirts that are also comfortable. This simple official tee is made from cotton and displays the screen font boldly across the front.

It requires a cold wash in the machine for maximum durability. You can also pick a size and color of your choice.

24. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Dallas Cowboys Logo

This modern and symmetrical wireless Bluetooth speaker can offer a great experience while watching a match with some friends. It also comes with its own charger. The LED lighting at the center can enhance the atmosphere even more, especially with the team’s colors and logo beautifully covering it.

It also comes with a one-year warranty period in case any issues arise.

25. Dallas Cowboys Linen Mart Comforter Set

This five-piece set can provide a sense of comfort and luxury, fitting perfectly over one’s queen-size or king-size bed that you have the option of choosing from. It comes in the team’s colors and displays the star, but it can still blend in well with the surroundings as it doesn’t mention the name of the team. It is made with fine microfibers.

26. Nike Dallas Cowboys Sideline Hat

A grey Dallas Cowboys cap with the team’s graphics can be a wonderful gift that your friend can wear out on a sunny day or to a match. It is made from polyester whereas the logo circle is slightly raised and made from rubber and felt. You also have the option of picking the accurate size of the hat while making the purchase.

27. Dallas Cowboys Ring Set

A ring set can be a unique and stylish choice of gift for the Dallas Cowboys fan in your life. This rich wooden box set comes with five silver-colored rings that have detailed designs on them, with some displaying logos and the team name, while some have other distinct designs. You can select the required ring size while buying this.

28. Timex Dallas Cowboys Watch

A smooth and polished black Timex watch can be perfect for a fan as this watch also contains a navy blue Cowboys star in its display. It comes with a small window to tell the date along with scratch and water resistance. The band is also adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.

29. Dallas Cowboys Varsity Jacket

A varsity jacket is a must have for football lovers. This comes with the team colors and logo, giving a comfortable and stylish appeal to the wearers. It can be perfect for them to wear to live matches or simply while having a home gathering to watch a match.

Wrapping Up

As difficult as it can be to pick out a gift, it becomes easier if you have a starting point to run from. Hopefully, we were able to give you just that through this vast list. All you need to do now is to make your pick!