45 Awesome Cigar Gifts for All Occasions

It is really difficult to find a gift for a cigar lover. A true cigar aficionado will not only have a lot more cigar items than you could think of but will also be updated on new gifts available in the market.

But, do not worry, we have you covered. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a cigar lover, you are at the right place. Here are a few cigar gifts that you can give to a cigar lover in your life.

1. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

If you are looking for someone who enjoys a drink with a cigar, this will be a perfect gift. This gift has an old-fashioned vintage vibe to it while also being extremely utilitarian.

This is a temperature-resistant cigar glass that will maintain the temperature of your drink while holding your cigar. It is sure to turn some heads and the gift receiver is certainly going to love it.

2. Cedar Wood Portable Cigar Travel Leather Humidor Box with Humidifier

Gift this portable luxury cigar travel case to that one person who loves cigars a bit too much. They are sure to love this. The cedar wood is fragrant and works wonderfully with the classy leather case to give the gift a classy look.

The humidor comes with a humidifier and a dropper so that you can ensure that your cigars remain fresh.

3. Cigar Ashtray Coaster

This is a classy cigar gift that combines two great pleasures in life i.e. whiskies and cigars. What makes it even more appealing is that it is completely handmade and made of natural trees, so there’s nothing artificial at all about this.

It has a rustic appearance that will go well with most home decors and make the owner feel a part of the festivities. It is perfect for those people who love to collect classic, vintage ashtrays.

4. Weekend Forecast Cigars with Chance Bourbon Tshirt

If your boyfriend or spouse or friend loves cigars but you don’t want to give them the actual stuff but something that still refers to their cigar love, this quirky t-shirt will do the job.

It comes in many colors and screams love for cigars. The recipient of the gift is likely to love it even without lighting a cigar.

5. Mantello Portable 3 Holder Cigar Case Set with Lighter and Cutter

If you prefer a gift set, this is the one you should go for. It is versatile, classy and ideal for any cigar lover. It is made up of high-quality leather with side pockets to hold necessary stuff while they enjoy their cigar.

If you are looking to gift this to someone on the move, you have made an excellent choice.

6. Tomolo Cigar Lighter

A cigar lighter is an ideal gift for anyone who loves their cigar. This cigar lighter is made for the classy man, one who likes to hold on to things. It is durable, sturdy and has superior firepower that can be utilized for other purposes also.

7. Hot Sox Cigar Socks

Go creative and quirky with your gifting choice. Gift the cigar lover in your life these crazy, cute and quirky socks that they are bound to cherish forever. These are eye-catching, lightweight and extremely comfortable. The artwork printed on the socks makes it very appealing.

8. The Cigar Factory: A Novel of Charleston

There can be no better gift for someone who loves to read and also happens to adore cigars. This book has at the center of action a massive cigar factory and makes for an interesting read.

9. Acrylic Jar Humidor

If you want to give a gift to someone who loves to flaunt their love for cigars, look no further than this acrylic jar humidor. It would allow your man to flaunt his cigar stash at all times while keeping them fresh.

Why should cigars be kept hidden at all times, anyway? If you got it, flaunt it.

10. CigarzUp Cigar Holder

Go for this quirky cigar holder, if you are looking for a unique and budget-friendly gift option for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or even a birthday present. It is a great gift and can accommodate your cigar on any bottle with ease.

11. Cigar Display Box

Buy this pull-out cigar humidor for the man in your life who loves cigars just a little less than they love you. It looks great and would offer him an opportunity to proudly exhibit his collection.

It comes with a glass window design and every piece of wood within is made up of real Spanish cedar wood, giving it a regal appearance.

12. Triple Stainless Steel Engraved Cigar Case and Flask

Nothing works its magic like a personalized gift. Get this personalized cigar case and flask combination for the special person in your life. It comes in a shiny stainless steel body and offers great storage for keeping cigars.

You can get the body engraved to add a bit of you to the gift.

13. Cigarloong Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set

This beautifully engraved cigar cutter and the lighter set is bound to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. It comes in two colors, both of which give it a regal aura. Your man would love to flaunt it at a party or among friends.

Get it engraved with your initials so that they think of you every time they light up their cigar.

14. Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

Give this stainless steel cigar cutter to your friend, boyfriend, husband, or father and see it pierce the tobacco effortlessly. It is one of the best cigar cutters out there with a premium offering at an affordable price tag.

15. Pardo Cigar Punch Cutter Key Chain Ring

This gift would be the delight of any cigar lover as it would let them enjoy their cigar on the move. The fact that this comes in the form of a keychain makes it even more special. It can be added to car keys or luggage keys for a seamless experience.

16. Cigarloong Cigar Punch

If you want to pick a gift for someone who loves all things retro, this is the cigar punch you need to set your eyes on. It comes in a beautiful golden pattern that makes it very enticing. It comes in beautiful packaging that is sure to attract.

17. Galiner Cigar Case

A cigar case is something that tells a lot about its owner. If you are looking to gift it to someone who has a penchant for all things classy, this is a perfect choice. The cigar case exudes contemporary masculine vibes and is a sight for sore eyes.

It has crocodile walls that add a unique dimension to it.

18. The Ultimate Cigar Book: 4th Edition

True to its name, this is a quintessential cigar experience. It is ideal for anyone who loves cigars. This book is also going to be a unique gift that will act as an encyclopedia of cigars for those who love it in the true sense.

19. Woode Cigar Cutter

This cigar cutter is as efficient as it is classy. Its wooden exteriors give it a unique look which makes for a great cigar gift. The packaging is regal and offers a beautiful velvet pouch to carry the cutter.

Give it to someone who loves their cigar but also loves flamboyance.

20. Cigars Metal Tin Sign

If you don’t want to give an actual cigar to the cigar lover in your life, fret not. Think creatively and get this unique home decor item that would instantly amp up the style quotient in the recipient’s home by adding their love for cigars on their walls literally.

21. Kobi & Knight Travel Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer

This is a gift for those people who enjoy all the fine things in their life. This would be a perfect cigar case for those who have a penchant for expensive cigars. Its USP is its pre-calibrated hygrometer for humidors that helps you monitor the humidity levels on the go.

22. One Cigar at a Time Man Cave Tin Sign

If the person you want to give a cigar gift to has a funny bone in them, they will love this tin sign. It can be hung in their drawing room and can be a good conversation starter during parties. It is also a good way to bring out their love for cigars without actually smoking one.

23. Funny Tin Metal Sign

This is another home decor tin that can make for a great cigar gift. It is made up of aluminum with rounded corners, is durable and has a rustic, vintage vibe to it. The best part about this is that it can be used in any area of the home for a great effect.

24. Cigar Outdoor Ashtrays

Give the cigar lover in your life this unique ashtray that will brighten up any party. It is a sure head turner and will also add charm to the space. Made in cast iron, the dull brown color goes well with cigars.

25. Luxury Cigar Case by Amerigo

If you are looking for a unique and memorable gift, this is the one to go for. It is a complete gift set and comes in great packaging, which adds to the allure of gifting. It offers a tight seal and keeps those cigars fresh and humidity-free.

26. Perfecto Cigar Holder

This ashtray on the go is a great gift for any cigar lover. It is made up of high-quality nylon, which adds to its durability and sturdiness. The best part about this is that it can hold cigars of all shapes and sizes without making any difference to their quality.

27. Pasabahce Large Heavy Glass Cigar Ashtray

This unique ashtray is great for outdoor entertaining and parties. It can also be used for entertaining indoors. For one, it is beautiful to look at. Secondly, it is heavyweight and durable. Standalone, this can also work as a beautiful decor piece. Who doesn’t like multifunctionality?

28. FESS Golf Bag Cigar Case Holder

This is a perfect gift for the prudent cigar lover. It is simple, functional and affordable. This case holder comes with a cutter and humidifier and can hold up to nine fifty-ring cigars. Its biggest USP is that it can be carried easily anywhere you go. Buy it here.

29. Wooden Cigar Ashtray

Take your gift a notch higher by giving this ashtray that is the epitome of beauty and works wonderfully with cigars. It is sturdy and has a regal air to it that goes perfectly well with that of a cigar. It would be useful for entertaining guests at parties.

30. Scotte Cigar Case Humidor Gift Box

This is a perfect gift set for the cigar lover in your life. It is composed of a high borosilicate glass tube and comes with a tote bag that adds to the ease of carrying it. Other accompanying accessories include a hygrometer, a solid wool sealing cover and a humidifier to keep your cigars fresh.

31. Cigar Sweatshirt

If you want to give a cigar-themed gift to the man in your life, go all out with this sweatshirt that lets him wear his love for cigars on his sleeves. It comes in the classic black color, is made of good-quality material and works well for several occasions.

32. Cigar Pattern Crazy Funny Colorful Socks

Socks make for a quirky gift especially if you are looking to gift it to someone you are close to in life. Go for these quirky socks that scream love for cigars like nothing else. Someone who loves cigars is sure to adore them.

33. MRCUFF Cuban Cigar Pair Cufflinks

Cufflinks make for a great gifting option. They are classy and intimate. Buy these cigar cufflinks that would look good on all types of clothing from tuxedos to French cuffs. These are unique and would make the wearer stand out in a crowd.

34. PerfecDraw Patented Precision Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool & Nubber

This will be a great addition to any cigar lover’s collection of accessories. It works on all cigar sizes and can help the recipient of the gift create their ideal draw for the cigar. It is affordable and super useful. No cigar lover can dislike it. It is a safe gift option.

35. AMANCY Cigar Holder

If you are looking for a unique cigar cover for someone special, this cigar holder is not going to disappoint. It comes in tan brown and that is a good enough draw. It comes with a zip lock closure and is adept at keeping the cigars fresh and humidity-free.

36. Cigar Punch with Cigar Draw Enhancer

You can not go wrong with this four-in-one cigar gift box. It is compact, durable and high-quality. The best part is that it is a steal for the price tag it comes at. It can be the one-stop solution for all things cigar. What’s not to love?

37. The Cuban Cigar Handbook: The Discerning Aficionado’s Guide to the Best Cuban Cigars in the World

If you are looking to find a gift for someone who has all possible cigars under the world, why not give them an experience that tells them more about their indulgence. With over 200 varieties of cigars, this book is an ideal gift, one they will cherish for a long time.

38. Cigar Outdoor Ashtrays for Patio

Get these colorful, porcelain ashtrays for the cigar connoisseur in your life. These can easily accommodate four cigars at once and hence, would be ideal for parties and entertaining.

39. CiTree Cigar Gift Set

This is a perfect gift box for the cigar lover who also loves all things grand and luxurious. It looks huge, comes with a hefty price tag and is class personified. The leather is high quality and the case makes it super easy to carry around especially while traveling.

40. Bezrat Old Fashioned Cigar Whiskey Glasses with Mounted Cigar Rest Gift Set

This is the ultimate gift for someone who loves opulence and wants that to reflect in his lifestyle. This gift set is sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. It is classy and is composed of high-quality wood in mahogany. It is ideal for a lazy afternoon relaxation at home with a loved one.

41. Cigars: A Log Book

This is a perfect and unique gift for someone who loves cigars on a deeper level. This is someone who is not just fond of smoking but also likes to keep a record of cigars. It is for those who love to read and write while enjoying their cigar.

42. Around the World in 80 Cigars: The Travels of an Epicure

A unique gift ideal for those who are spirit wanderers. This book is not only informative, fun and adventurous but also makes for a great coffee-table book. It is bound to be appealing to anyone who has a deep-seated love for cigars.

43. Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Cigar Cutter & Cigar Ashtray

A classic gift for the people who love their drink and their cigar. This is a truly luxurious gift that comes in regal packaging. It is multifunctional and classy. It is also sure to turn many heads.

44. XIFEI Fashion Vintage Cigar Ashtray

An ideal gift for those who love all things vintage. This ashtray is unlike any other and reeks of a charm from an era gone by. It is broad enough to hold multiple cigars and comes in a dull, bronze finish.

45. AMANCY Cigar Humidor Case

An ideal gift for the cigar lover, who also loves comfort and simplicity in life. This case comes with pockets, is easy to travel with and looks great in its leather tan finish.

The Final Word

Those were some awesome cigar gifts we could think of. Make sure to take some gifting inspiration from these and bring a cheer to your loved ones!