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  • Aaron Dysart: Surface

    Aaron Dysart: Surface Somehow both expansive and dense, the lock at the Upper St. Anthony Falls is of course outside, but feels somehow interior, almost internal.  Its’ tall walls and liquid floor struggle to even define much less confine this dense space.  With the lower gates permanently open, its’ imposing presence is constantly visible from […]

    Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Poetry of Resistance & Change

      Poetry of Resistance & Change September 16th – October 9th Monica Edwards Larson / Sister Black (Bike) Press’s project “Poetry of Resistance & Change” consists of two parts; a temporary installation of letterpress printed poetry cards, and a Poetry reading and DIY printing event, using the mobile bicycle press, at the Soap Factory. The installation […]

    Sep 16, 2017 - Oct 9, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Is Your Rebellion Sitting Still?

    Is Your Rebellion Sitting Still? Is Your Rebellion Sitting Still?, a project by artist Maria Cameron, aims to transform public spaces in Rochester, MN into spaces of contemplation, self-reflection, and conversation. By installing a series of large-scale thought bubbles on buildings, and in community spaces that are considered works in progress, this project highlights the […]

    Jul 24, 2017 - Sep 30, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • The Wall

    The Wall In the wake of an election that has left us facing such xenophobic rhetoric as “Build the Wall” and establishing a “Muslim Ban,” many activists have said that we must build bridges in order to make human connections and provide people with sanctuary, not walls. As Palestinian Americans witnessing the destruction of communities […]

    Aug 5, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Destroy// Minneapolis

    LEYYA MONA TAWIL: DESTROY// MINNEAPOLIS Destroy//    A new ritual for new times. Leyya Tawil builds the work on location in one day with local artists. In performance, the dance destroys itself. In collaboration with local dancers and musicians, dance artist and composer, Leyya Mona Tawil, will bring her day long performance, ‘Destroy// All Places’, […]

    Aug 26, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Rethinking Public Spaces: Juxtaposition Arts

    Rethinking Public Spaces: Juxtaposition Arts This summer Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) will build on the momentum they’ve created over the last 3 years around the celebration of Black August by combining the respective placemaking and art-based engagement skill sets of JXTA’s Public Arts, Tactical, and Environmental Design studios; using these skills to bring 2017 Black August […]

    Jul 29, 2017 - Sep 29, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Common Room: The Neighborhood Mixtape Tour

    The Neighborhood Mixtape Tour The Neighborhood Mixtape Tour takes the concept of the classic mixtape, which channels feelings and ideas through curated musical playlists, and applies this mode of communication to paint an audio-portrait of Minneapolis neighborhoods’ character and characteristics. This bus tour invites you to experience a series neighborhoods interpreted by residents through playlists […]

    Aug 30, 2017 - Aug 30, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Common Room: The Island Tour

    The Island Tour The landscape of Minneapolis is home to many islands, both literal and metaphoric. On a bus tour — which will make an additional excursion onto open water — Common Room will explore some of these islands, and otherwise hear how the idea of an island is shaped by its surroundings. From the […]

    Aug 23, 2017 - Aug 23, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Common Room: The Mediatheque Tour

    The Mediatheque Tour Utilizing the collection of the Walker Art Center’s Mediatheque library of over 100 titles, Common Room will offer a progressive mobile screening across the Twin Cities. Various sites across town, both private and public, will be paired with short films selected with the assistance of Ruth Hodgins, the Walker’s Bentson Archivist and […]

    Sep 6, 2017 - Sep 6, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • Laura Brown: COMING SOON!

    Laura Brown: COMING SOON! The Soap Factory presents COMING SOON!, an outdoor installation by artist, Laura Brown. Brown will install screen printed faux construction signs around the perimeter of the Soap Factory during the upcoming building renovation. The shapes and placement of each print will allude to common safety signs found in construction zones. In this way […]

    Jul 1, 2017 - Aug 23, 2017 Exhibition Details
  • The Soap Factory and Mizna co-present ‘Alien Technology II’ by Monira Al Qadiri

    The all-night Twin Cities art festival Northern Spark returns once again with the theme of climate, this year running all along the Green Line. At one end Mizna and The Soap Factory will present a mesmerizing 10-foot-round sculpture by Kuwaiti artist Monira Al Qadiri, who’s featured in Mizna’s recent environment-themed journal issue with a spotlight on her […]

    Jun 10, 2017 - Apr 17, 2018 Exhibition Details

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