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The Soap Factory Presents The Haunted Basement: Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment at the Fringe Festival and The Haunted Basement // Exhibition Runs: Oct 3 - Nov 2, 2014

Crime and Punishment brings Dostoyevsky's classic novel to life in two site-specific, immersive theater productions at The Soap Factory, developed by Live Action Set.

Tickets for The Haunted Basement: Crime and Punishment go on sale August 1st


Want to join our team? Volunteers help bring The Haunted Basement to life each year. Or email with questions about volunteering.


HIRING - Crime and Punishment - Stage Manager
The Soap Factory seeks a Stage Manager to manage and support the development of the Fringe Festival and Haunted Basement productions of Crime and Punishment in 2014. Crime and Punishment is a site-specific, immersive theater production inspired by Dostoyevsky’s classic Crime and Punishment and developed by Live Action Set for The Soap Factory.

The Stage Manager will be allocated a stipend of 4,000 USD as compensation for their participation and the satisfactory completion of the following responsibilities. The payment schedule will be outlined according to project milestones.

This is a temporary, contract position beginning May 1st and ending December 1st, 2014. The Fringe Festival Production of Crime and Punishment takes place July 31st - August 9th and The Haunted Basement production of Crime and Punishment takes place October 3rd - November 2nd. Rehearsals for the MN Fringe Festival production run June & July. Rehearsals for The Haunted Basement production run August & September.

• Attend production meetings, rehearsals and performances
• Assist in actor recruitment
• Facilitate and run auditions for each phase of the project
• Assist the director in technical aspects of rehearsals
• Record directors decisions about blocking and notes for actors
• Communicate with production team on director’s decisions, be aware and communicate and
• Run rehearsals in a timely and productive manner including necessary setup and breakdown
• Supervise every performance including both the MN Fringe Festival production in August and Haunted Basement production in October/November
• Supervise and communicate nightly set cleaning, maintenance and repair needs to support team
• Assure sets, sound and lights are prepared nightly
• Organize and maintain actor break schedule and refreshments
• Assure each performance is executed in a timely, safe and high-quality manner
• Coordinate with Front of House staff to assure effective show timing and transitions
• Supervise make-up team, Costume Assistant, and Assistant Stage Manager during performances to care and maintain the show’s physical properties
• Assist with striking and clean-up following the close of The Haunted Basement in November

Skills and Qualifications
The Stage Manager must be experienced in executing large, complex performance projects. An ideal candidate will have experience working with a large, diverse production team and cast of actors. They will be efficient, an expert motivator and leader.

Position is open until filled. Please submit your resume or request more information via email to The Soap Factory’s Program Manager, Lillian Egner,